Top Reasons For The Soaring Popularity Of Women’s Cricket In Australia

Cricket has been played in Australia for more than 200 years. It’s the second most popular sport in the country, behind Australian rules football. However, women cricket players have had to wait until recently to receive the same pay as men. The popularity of women’s cricket is rising quickly as this barrier got removed, and more big-name signings are joining the game.

Many readers keep themselves updated with cricket news because they are so passionately involved with the sport. In this article, you’ll learn the top reasons why women’s cricket is soaring in popularity in Australia.

There are plenty of reasons for the sudden popularity.

There are plenty of reasons for the sudden popularity. Women’s cricket is a sport that has always been played in Australia, but only recently has it begun to gain traction with more and more people. This can be attributed to several factors:

  • Equal pay. In February this year, Cricket Australia (CA) announced that both its men’s and women’s teams would receive equal pay from 2020 onwards. Previously, male players were paid four times as much as their female counterparts despite having similar travel requirements, playing schedules and broadcasting commitments. The news was widely praised as an essential step forward for gender equality in sports. CA CEO Kevin Roberts said he hoped it would encourage young girls who play cricket at school or through community clubs to pursue a career in cricket without worrying about its financial barriers.
  • Cricket is a religion here! Australians love sport, so when there are opportunities like these available – where you can work hard at something you enjoy doing while receiving recognition for your talents – it makes sense why this would be such an attractive option for many people!

Equal pay

Equal pay is a hot topic in Australia. It’s also a big issue in cricket, and it must be noted that while equal pay may not be the most significant factor driving up the popularity of women’s cricket, it is an important one.

In 2016, Cricket Australia announced that the men’s and women’s teams would receive the same amount from their revenue share from 2020 onwards.

This year, Australian politicians passed legislation requiring all local sporting bodies to provide equal pay for male and female players if they want government funding. These are giant steps towards eliminating gender inequality throughout society; however, some argue there’s still work to do before achieving true equality.

Cricket is a religion

Cricket is a religion in Australia. This is no hyperbole: cricket is an institution and way of life in the land Down Under. It permeates every aspect of Australian society, from small towns to big cities. It’s so popular that you might even say it’s one of the main reasons why people come to Australia in the first place!

Big name signings and T20 leagues are driving the popularity

The recent rise of women’s cricket in Australia is mainly due to the popularity of T20 leagues and other competitions.

The Big Bash League has been a considerable driver for Live cricket scores, but it’s not just men who love it. The Women’s Big Bash League (WBBL) has helped attract more female fans to the game and allowed them to play alongside some of their favourite international players.

Many people think women’s cricket is popular because of the big-name signings and T20 leagues. But the truth is that these drive popularity, not the other way around. Women are just as passionate about cricket as men are, and they love watching their heroes play on TV or at home in front of their families. They also want to see more women playing at this level so they can support them.

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