How to swing the ball in cricket- 2021 guide

Swing bowling in cricket is while you release the ball, to the wind’s direction the ball moves. It happens for the position of the seam on the cricket ball. Also, as it moves towards the batsman, how around the ball the wind blows. When you swing a cricket ball, it puts the batsman in trouble. Because they have to commit their shots quickly, and they are not sure where the ball will end up. Thus, there has a great chance to take wickets. So, if you want to be a potent bowler, you must know how to swing the ball in cricket.

Through this article, you can learn about how to swing the ball in cricket. So, let’s know about it.

How to do swing bowling?

The ball swings depend on the way you release the cricket ball. Swing bowling is three types:

  1. In-Swing
  2. Out-Swing
  3. Reverse-Swing
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  • Correctly grip the ball. Point at the fine legs and keep the seam straight.
  • The cricket ball’s shiny side should face the offside.
  • Place the ball seam vertically and angularly so that through the air, it can flow.
  • The ball swing from offside to leg-side for the right-handed batsman.


  • Correctly grip the ball. By straightening the seam, point to the third person.
  • In the leg-side, keep the cricket ball’s shiny side.
  • Place the cricket ball seam vertically and angularly so that it can flow through the air.
  • From the right-handed batsman, the ball moves away; from the leg side to the offside, the ball will swing.Visit the Site: Khatrimaza


  • The cricket ball’s one side should be arid, old, and scuffed. Another side has to be damp, smooth, and glossy.
  • Place the cricket ball seam vertically and angularly.
  • Instead of away at high speeds, towards the glaze, the ball will move forward.

For taking wickets, swing bowling is an important skill. If you know how to swing the ball in cricket, then scoring batsman runs will be challenging.

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