The Most Exciting 3 Super Overs in the History of Cricket

Cricket is the 2nd popular sport in the world after football. It is the most popular for its discipline in cricket. After all, it is considered the best sport after football. In this game, there are many cricketers who are the highest paid, and they are famous for their extraordinary performance in the sport. After all this, there also have a fantastic thing. Among all, super over is the most exciting name.

Generally, super over is applied only for when the match is on tried. When both matches point and runs are the same, then the super over formula will be applied to select the winning team in cricket. It is the only formula to justify the winning team. And when this formula is applied, it’s so simple to explain. Now we tell you all about exciting super overs history in cricket.

  • Mumbai Indians vs Gujarat Lions

In the IPL 2017, Mumbai Indians and Gujarat Lions draw the match. And then the umpire of the cricket match use super over to find the winner in the cricket match set. In MI, batting frost in the super over and gain 11 runs in 6 balls. But the other team fail to do the 12 runs to won the match. Then MI won the game.

  • Guyana Amazon Warriors vs Trinidad

It is the CPL match that was held in 2015. In the game, The Warriors team won the super over match. In the game, both teams scored 118 runs, and they decided to super to clarify the game. The Warriors won the game after the 6 balls Sunil gained his own set in just super over.

  • Australia vs Pakistan

The match was held in 2012, which game was tried after both teams scored 152 runs in the game. After the First batting of the Pakistan team, Australia set on the batting and 12 runs for the Pakistan team. After a super over, the Pakistan team covered 11 runs in 5 balls, and the last ball struggle with grave risk and do 1 run by running, but by mistaken fielder throw the ball another side, and Pakistan won the super over.

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