Top 3 attacking formations in football

An attacking formation includes relatively less deep playing positions and somewhat more advanced playing positions. If you create chances and score goals on reaching the rival’s box, the offensive game focused. For the spectators, this makes a pleasant view. Also, to consider the appropriate one, it’s a way for some managers. Others think it as the right method to practice this sport, taking a more romantic approach.

Over time, the attacking formations in football have become more sophisticated. Here, we’ll introduce you top 3 attacking formations in football.

4-4-2 (Diamond)

In short, the 4-4-2 attacking formation is a 4-1-2-1-2 formation when broken down. This diamond formation comes in two versions:

  • A narrow version.
  • A wider variant.

4-4-2 Diamond is an outstanding formation for teams with two good center-forwards and can use both players together. It helps a team to keep the player’s shape in the middle of the park. Through passes to the forward teammates, it also attacks the midfielder in the middle, feeding incisive. Moreover, the 4-4-2 diamond formation is the best for fast, short passing football.


Following Guardiola’s FC Barcelona’s success, ​​a new golden era began with 4-3-3. This formation consists of a classic line of two full-backs with four defenders. So, they take advantage of the deep-lying playmaker, one of the midfielders, and usually use it offensively. It also helps the players by delaying to favor in defense. Generally, the link between midfield and defense is the midfielder. For supporting the two wingers who are open players in attack, the other two midfielders have mixed features.


The 4-2-3-1 is another most common offensive formation in football used by the UEFA Champions League champion in 2020. Also, the line of two midfielders and four defenders have the same characteristics as mentioned in 4-4-2. There are three players, and they can be one advanced playmaker and two wingers in the next line of the team.

There also have lots of attacking formations in football. But the three formations described above are famous and best only because these have been able to deliver results.

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