Tips for three different types of golf swings

The new golfers often think that there is only one type of golf swing. But the answer is negative. Actually, there are several types of golf swings that can help you to become a better player. The pro golfers swing the club in different ways in different strokes. A proficient golfer can make different types of golf swings which is almost effortless in looking. Moreover, they follow some techniques to play better.

In this article, you can learn about the tips for three different types of golf swings. These tips can help you to be a great player.

Tips for different golf swings types


Backswing can take you from the address position to the top of your golf swing. The critical thing about backswing is that your arm should always be straight. During the swing, if you bend your left arm, you have to over the top swing. And you can’t recover it. So, you will completely miss the goal.

Takeaway and turn are also essential parts of the backswing. You need to shift your weight to the back of your right foot during the swing.


It would be best if you moved your right knee across your left foot to start an accurate downswing. The arms go down naturally at this swing, as in the hinge position, the wrists lock. Rotate your chest and hips to keep your head is behind the ball.


After hitting the ball, don’t try to stop your momentum. Because if you do, this can affect the natural movement of the club. After hitting the ball, you should down the right shoulder with the arms completely expanded.

The transition complete as the right knee moves to the left. And total weight shifts to the left foot’s heel. On his toes the right foot will end.

Following these tips for three different types of swings can have a significant impact on your performance. Also, these can have a substantial effect on your control over your club.

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