The three most popular defensive formations in football

The defensive team builds a particular formation before each play. After the play starts, the players have certain responsibilities by standing on the field in a specific place. During the game, the duties and structures will switch and change according to the play’s situation. Most teams, however, apply a primary “base defense” or most famous structures that are the basis of all the formations.

The defense name considers for the front of the defensive two lines. It is the linebackers and linemen. The coach creates defensive structures depending on the players they have. Also, what they feel most comfortable with and expecting out of the opposing offense. There have some mostly used defensive structures. How good your goalkeeper is, becomes one another defensive side. You need to make sure that the keeper is equipped with best goalkeeping equipment, specially glove. You could look out for Adidas goalkeeper gloves for Sale UK for your goalkeepers comfort.

This article can help you to know the three most popular defensive formations in football. As a layer or a spectator, you have to know about these famous structures in football.

The 3-4 Defense

The 4-3 defense and the 3-4 are almost the same. But, instead of the defensive linemen, in the 3-4, there has the linebacker. The 3-4 consists of two safeties, two cornerbacks, three linemen, and four linebackers. The emphasis in the 3-4 defense is on speed. For defending multiple offensive formations, the 3-4 Defense is ideally suitable.

The 4-3 Defense

The most commonly used high-level (including the NFL) defensive formation is the 4-3 defense. There have two defenders, two cornerbacks, three linebackers, and four defensive linemen. In passing situations, extra cornerbacks can replace linebackers. They create the most sacks by delivering the pass-rushing attack outside.

The 4-4 defense

To help for stopping the running game, the 4-4 is the most popular defensive formation. This defense consists of four linebackers and four defensive linemen. In the box, there have eight men. And this is the best for stopping runs, but it is risky in an offensive attack.

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