No Sweat Unlocking of a Password-Encrypted PDF With PDFBear

In modern times, the issue of privacy rights violation has been prevalent. Given the internet and its dominance in schools, the corporate world, and any other field, it has provided people with easy access to different information, including the ones that are considered private. It is, therefore, reasonable for a person to provide a safety net to their information.

Unlocking a PDF is among the best ways to safeguard one’s information, especially if the particular file contains knowledge that must not be known to the public. To access this information, you have to know a tool that allows you to encode the password of the file and consequently give you access to the information in it. We will suggest a platform to help you.

The wonders of PDFBear: a platform for all things related to PDF

PDFBear is a web-based platform that is a go-to for every internet user that has issues involving PDF. They offer a wide range of services that allows you to unlock PDF, modify it by adding texts, images, watermarks, page numbers, etc., and even offer conversion of file formats. In this article, we will dive deeper into the features of PDFBear that make it superior.

Password-free PDF

The technology of PDFBear does not just unlock password-encrypted PDF; it also removes the password so you would not have a hard time accessing it whenever you want to. The thing with password-encrypted PDF is that you have to encode the password every time you open the file. Needless to say, that is a very hassle process no one wants to be subjected to.

Safeguarded processing

PDFBear ensures that the processing of your file will be safeguarded. For starters, the website has installed a top-notch encryption technology to protect uploaded files on the server. It also deletes the files an hour after the processing. Just when you thought it could not get better, the website also ensures that any virus or malware will not harm the files.

Works on different platforms

If you are worried that the website will not work when you are on the phone or when you have an obsolete device, PDFBear will assure you that it will not happen on their watch. The website creators made sure that the website will work on different platforms, whether it be a device, operating system, or even web browser. Whatever you are using, you can access it.

Two minutes unlocking process

If you are the type of person always in a hurry or catching a deadline, this platform is perfect for you. The processing time for the unlocking of PDF will only take you two minutes to three. The web creators made sure to take into consideration that most of the users are students or those working in the corporate field. These people need all the time they can get.

The majority of the files can be unlocked

PDFBear has a very advanced technology capable of unlocking the majority of the files. Take note that the encryption on PDF varies depending on the technology used. While some files can be really easy to unlock, others are also difficult. In some instances, the owners of the file are the only person who can decrypt the said PDF. At least, PDFBear works most of the time.

4-step process in unlocking your PDF using PDFBear

After you have visited the website, upload your file on the server. To do so, you may click the select file button or choose directly from your device and drag it on the conversion box. The second step is to enter the password. The password is usually a combination of letters and numbers or a keyword. Ask the owner of the file for the code to decrypt the PDF.

Once you are done encoding your password and are already sure there are no mistakes, the third step is to click the unlock PDF button. Please wait patiently as PDFBear will scan your file and decrypt it. The last step is for you to download the unlocked version of your PDF on your device. You also have an option to send it via email or share it on your social media.

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PDFBear is such a great innovation giving solutions to the various issues arising related to PDF. Many people cannot afford the prices of software, and some do not want to subject themselves to the hassle of installation and updates plus the possibility of a slowed-down device because of massive storage consumed. PDFBear is here to save you from these risks.

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