The Right Breitling Watch For Every Luxurious Watch Lover

One of the most sought-after timepieces for watchmaking is the pilot’s watch or the aviator’s watch. Many timepieces for pilots share the same similarities, for it doesn’t have any criteria for the timepieces feature. But every watchmaker’s goal is to create a pilot’s watch that comes with a simple function.

Aviation watches were known since 1911, and a lot of watchmakers have already set their goals to create the most delicate pilot watch in the market. One of the most known companies that emphasize their pilot’s eye is the Breitling company, which started in Saint Imier, Bernese Jura, founded by Leon Breitling.

The aviator 8 AVI Ref.765 1953 Re-edition

The Breitling Watches specialize in creating pilot watches like the AVI ref.7653 Re-edition. It is known to have been created as the modern model for the timepieces launched in 1953 and known as the classic Co-Pilot Ref.765 AVI. The contemporary clock remained loyal to the older version.

The watch has a highly-domed crystal, a black dial, and it also comes with Arabic numerals. It also comes with a 41mm case in both platinum and rose gold. The company even placed three screws in the same position as the 1953 timepiece. The price of this watch is only $11,100.

The Breitling’s Avenger Automatic 45 Seawolf Night Mission

The company decided to relaunch their Avenger collection in 2019, and one of the timepieces included in this collection is this Avenger Automatic 45 Seawolf Night Mission. Although this timepiece is updated, it still kept the original design of the Avenger. It comes with the rider tabs that you can find in the unidirectional ratchet bezel.

The pusher buttons, along with the rider tabs, helps the user use the watch while using their gloves which is best for pilots. It also comes with a water resistance that can go up to 3000 meters. The black leather strap, black dial, and black titanium case make this timepiece alluring.

The Chronomat B01 42

The Chronomat is known to be around in the watch market since 1984, but we can trace back the history of this timepiece back into 1941. Long ago, the company filed a patent with the Swiss government for the circular slide rule that can be a conjunction with choreographed watches.

They relaunched the Chronomat in 1984 after Ernest Schindler took over the Breitling, and soon after, they relaunched the Chronomat in 2020. The newest version of this collection comes with changes like it’s the strap. This timepiece comes with a luxurious price of $28,450.

The Navitimer B01 Chronograph 46

The Breitling company was known by watch enthusiasts when they introduced the Navitimer. It was created with a large dial that comes with 46mm and is known to provide users most conducive readability. The watch helps the pilot in solving mathematical equations using its circular slide rule.

The SuperOcean Heritage ’57 Steel

The SuperOcean collection was known to be the Breitling’s deviation, as they had also announced their move to diver’s timepieces when they first launched it in 1957. This day, SuperOcean is still known to many as divers watch created by Breitling, although the clock comes with a much useful seconds counter.

This timepiece also comes with a retro concave bezel, and with this, Users can wear the watch every day. It also has the limited edition model known to have only 250 pieces that come with hour markers known to be graduated with rainbow color that adds up fun to the timepiece.

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Aviator 8 B35 Automatic Unitime 43

One of the timepieces known to be invaluable is the watches for world travelers or commonly known as the world time watch, or the company calls these timepieces the Unitime. The dial for these timepieces can show the users 24 different time zones in just a glance.

With this feature, these timepiece owners can quickly know when to meet people outside their country. It also comes with Arabic numerals that the users can easily read, and it also has a black dial that comes with a 12-hour zone that is colored blue. The luxurious price of this particular timepiece is $10,610.

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We all know choosing the right luxurious watch for you is hard, especially that you are spending a lot of money with this investment that is why it is always important to look for a brand that offers quality, style, and prices that are not that high. Here we provide the best luxurious Breitling watches that you will surely invest in and love.

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