Editing Guide: Top 4 Free PDF Tools You Can Use With PDFBear

There are several conversion services online, but not all of them are safe and secured. Luckily, PDFBear exists and provides excellent tools for transforming specific documents into different kinds of file formats such as PDF to Word, HTML, PPT, JPG, PNG, PDFA, Excel, vice versa. You can always work the other way around.

PDFBear makes it effortless for individuals to make their work manageable as all the tools have the same concept and guides for converting. This web-based tool is convenient as it’s free and can be accessed on any software program, various devices, and online platforms of choice. Moreso, here are the top four tools of PDFBear.

1. Adding A Page Number

Most individuals experience a complicated and confusing process in putting all the PDF files into a small book or data. PDFBear’s Add page numbers to PDF tool is one of the most favored as it only needs straightforward steps to follow to meet and match your document’s specification and description.

You don’t need to have to wait for too long as PDFBear’s service works swiftly and accurately. Plus, there are only four easy guides to comply to achieve an efficient and faster transaction. To add a page to your document, choose the pdf merge file you want and wait for the complete upload.

Once done, choose the placement where you want the page numbers to appear. And select the “Number pages,” and you can now save your newly converted file. Adding a page number is the best solution and choice to make your work organized conveniently and help it look professionally engineered.

2. Word to PDF

A Word document file is not new and is already known among working professionals and students. It’s the standard file format they use to compose and write valuable and essential articles, letters, projects, researches, and more. But, some of these files need to be transformed into a PDF file format.

Converting a Word document into a PDF file will be much easier to read, scan, and print out of it. And choosing PDFBear to convert your Word files is the best choice. To correct, upload the Word document into the designated toolbox. You also have the option to drag and drop the file for a more simple method.

The server will directly start converting the document into a PDF file. And please wait for a while before downloading your PDF file to your device. You can also share your work with friends or colleagues via the shareable link, which is only valid for 24 hours or through an email address.

3. Repair Corrupted or Damaged Files

If there’s one main thing people usually experience handling digital documents, it’s having damaged, broken, or corrupted documents. Corrupted files are generally caused by malware, viruses, system errors, overwriting with broken codes, and so much more, which are common and inevitable sometimes.

Using PDFBear’s Repair tool will, without a doubt, save your time by not typing and making a new document all over again. To do so, choose and upload the damaged file into the server’s toolbox, and the tool will directly analyze the paper. Some damaged files may be hard to recover, but PDFBear will try no to make it any worse.

Once done, select the “Repair” tab, and please wait for the process to complete before you can begin downloading the file and sending it to friends. Repairing a document is one of the most popular tools of PDFBear; Corrupted or damaged, the tool kit will undertake to revise and retrieve it into a workable condition possible.

4. PDF to Excel

PDFBear’s Excel to PDF tool allows individuals to turn any PDF file into an editable Microsoft Excel SPreadsheet that’s usually used to track expenditures and records such as chart data, financial records, students’ grades, and help it make all organized and clean to look at as possible.

PDFBear’s services can make plain PDF files look professionally engineered. To convert PDF to Excel, select the PDF file you wish to turn into an Excel Spreadsheet. At this point, please wait for a moment while the server is completing the process. Once done, you can now save your Excel Spreadsheet into your device.

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There may be hundreds of available converter tools on the internet, but it’s hard to find one that’s reliable, efficient, and secured. PDBear has all these incredible qualities that individuals usually go for. It’s an all-in-one tool for all of your document-related activities.

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