How to score in badminton- Modern scoring system

Whether players play badminton for competitively or entertainment, you should know and understand the badminton scoring. Badminton rackets use the modern scoring system. It is known as rally points. The match consists of three games with 21 points per game in this rally system. To win the rally point, the player has to win the game. At the end of a 3-game match, the player who has the highest rally points wins the game.

If you’re eager to know how to score in badminton in the modern scoring system, then this article will help you. So, let’s see it.

Who serves first

During the first rally, players usually use a coin toss to determine who will serve first. When the first game is over, the game-winner determines who serves first in the next play.

The rally winner is awarded the point in this modern scoring system regardless of who served the rally. Until one player reaches 21 points, this continues. But it must have at least a two-point lead. Otherwise, you have to gain thirty points.

Double badminton score

When you’re playing doubles, you have to understand the scoring system. At one time, from the team, just one player can serve. And around the table, the serving is passed in succession. The rally winner team will win the point as singles. But, until the opposition wins a rally and takes over, the server will continue to serve. In this situation, the serve will shift to the opposite side. And then, once back, the rest of the team player will serve.

So, this is the modern scoring system of badminton. And how to score in badminton isn’t challenging to understand. But to play correctly and know who is winning, you should understand it. Otherwise, the game will be confusing for you.

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