Vapor distilling is similar to boiling water except that we use electricity instead of flames. It’s like having a second distillation chamber inside the first one which makes this process more effective than the traditional method!

The purification process starts by filling up the reservoir with water and then plugging it in. Once you turn on the heating element, the purified liquid will start to heat up and become steam. This steam is then transported through copper tubing into another compartment where it cools down and condenses back into liquid form before being collected into an attached container. Since all impurities are left behind during this stage of filtration, our distilled water is without any chemicals or bacteria that could harm your health!

How Can You Use Vapor Distilled Water?

There are many different uses for vapor distilled water including:

  • Drinking and cooking: Since this type of purified water has no ions or minerals, it can safely be used in cooking. It’s also great for drinking because it doesn’t contain any impurities such as chlorine that could damage your health over time. You can use vapor distilled water instead of other types!
  • Allergy treatments: Vapor distilling leaves behind all chemicals that could cause allergic reactions such as pollen spores, dander, dust mites and more. This is why people with allergies tend to feel better after using this pure form of water instead of tap or even spring varieties!
  • Humidifier: Vapor distilled water is great for humidifiers because it doesn’t contain any impurities that could damage the machine or cause bacteria to form. You can use this purified liquid whenever you want to add moisture into the air!
  1. Vapor distillation basically produces cold distilled water because the boiling point of water is lowered by the introduction of an outside energy source (electricity). The boiling process begins at room temperature (~20°C or 68°F) and is caused by the application of an external heat source to the liquid surface, not from internal heat buildup, which occurs when a flame contacts the surface of pure water. Pure, cold water will begin to boil instantly if it’s heated beyond 212°F/100°C at 1 atmosphere pressure. Using electricity instead of fire allows us to create these very hot conditions without burning our unit – all we have to do is push a button!
  2. Vapor distillation is extremely effective because it vaporizes all of the water molecules, instead of just half like traditional boiling methods do – this means that pure water will boil much more quickly and efficiently than if you used a flame. This also allows us to achieve a high purity level inside that chamber without wasting any steam or heating up our unit.

Now that you know how vapor distilling works, would you like to try some out for yourself? Aquapap makes the process of creating pure drinking water easy with their top-selling products!

Are There Any Drawbacks?

This type of purification system has one drawback which is that the distilled water produced will have almost no minerals in them at all. Since our body requires certain minerals to function properly, people who drink only vapor distilling water might suffer from health issues like osteoporosis due to lack of calcium in their diet. Go figure!

However if you are suffering from allergy problems associated with pollen spores and dust mites, then this product is highly recommended by doctors! If you want to live healthier without spending too much money, then vapor distilled water might be the solution to your problem.

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Please do your own research on your health conditions before trying any product.

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