Are you a CPAP user? Do you know that your machine needs to be cleaned regularly in order to ensure the best use of it? Cleaning this machine on a regular basis will provide you with a hassle-free sleep and reduce sore throats, headaches and allergy symptoms. In this review we look at all aspects of Sleep8 CPAP cleaner.

Do You Know That Science Shows A Link Between Breathing In Dirty Air And Heart Attacks?

This is not an easy one to digest for some people but science shows a link between breathing in dirty air and heart attacks. The sad thing is that breathing dirty air or smog contributes significantly to cardiovascular disease for example heart attack or stroke. They are basically caused by the same things, smog or dirty air causes inflammation in the body that contributes to heart disease.

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The good thing is that if you clean your CPAP machine, you improve your health by reducing pollutants in the air that you breathe during sleep. This way it makes it easier for your cardiovascular system to function normally. By ensuring a clean airflow through this machine, you are getting better quality of life and sleeping hours free from waking up coughing or with a headache.

You Should Clean Your CPAP Machine Every 15 Days Minimum to Make Sure That It Is Running Properly

A simple solution to many ongoing problems with CPAP machines is maintenance and cleaning on a regular basis. If kept clean every day, the CPAP machine should last longer without requiring expensive repairs. This is why you should clean your CPAP machine at least every 15 days and the best way to do this is with Sleep8 CPAP cleaner.

A dirty or blocked mask and hose will create a lot of discomfort in the morning when you need to use it for therapy. As we all know, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure so always ensure that your CPAP device is kept clean before problems set in.

Sleep8 Cleans Your CPAP Machine To 99% Standards

One thing that I like most about Sleep8 is that it cleans your machine without using any chemicals such as detergents which could damage parts, foam or filters on your machine. It uses vibrations combined with light pulses to clean the machine to 99% standards.

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This is important because if you use chemicals, it can lead to corrosion and other problems that will shorten the life of your device.

By using Sleep8 CPAP cleaner, it makes sure that all parts are cleaned properly which in turn keeps your machine running without any issues for longer than usual. The reason why you should get this cleaner is so simple, not only does it keep your machine free from contaminants but it also ensures optimal airflow so you do not wake up with allergies or a sore throat. It’s time to get your own cleaner today, visit their website.

Poor sleep quality can be a major problem for those who suffer from allergies, asthma and other respiratory disorders. That’s why CleanCPAP created the Sleep8 CPAP cleaner: to help you breathe easy and get a good night’s rest!

Sleep8 cleans your CPAP mask and tubing of mucus, germs, oil and other harmful substances so you don’t end up with a nasty sore throat the next morning – or worse.

It’s also great for those suffering from headaches (99%) of people who use their CPAP machine will suffer from dry eyes at some point in time!  This is caused by poor air flow that dries out the eyes.

The clinical trials on both the CleanCPAP include studies using polysomnography (the gold standard study to measure sleep stages). Results showed that 83% of users saw an increase in REM deep sleep after using CleanCPAP compared to ONLY 12% without it . Plus, 97% reported feeling more refreshed when they awoke in the morning after using CleanCPAP.

In addition to improving sleep quality for CPAP users, Sleep8 reduces allergies and asthma symptoms typically associated with dirty CPAP equipment by reducing exposure to dust mites, pet dander and other irritants that collect on sleep surfaces. Allergy sufferers may sleep better but only if you keep your machine clean!

Sleep8 is a simple solution that makes a big difference in how you feel every day- wake up feeling energized and ready to face the world instead of tired and grumpy from poor sleep – order yours today!

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