6 types of massages to relax your mind, soul and body

With the pace of life so frantic that we lead, it should be (almost) mandatory to take a dry break in our day to day and incorporate into our chaotic routine the types of massages that help us relax. After all, stressing stressed muscles during the day has a powerful detox effect for the whole body, so beauty enters this eternal war between stresses vs. relaxation. First of all, we will know the types of massages that exist to relax and begin to see your stressful routine with other eyes. Let’s see the types of massages and how to do them

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1. Blood massage

It is not what it seems, we assure you. Blood massage is simply a slight pressure on the head imitating the pumping of the heart to accelerate the process of blood renewal of the body and thus eliminate all the toxins accumulated throughout the day. You will be impressed with how relaxed you are instantly.

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2. DE contracting massage

Contractures, the silent villain of our health and has a solution, here we present other types of body massages, specifically one that focuses on removing back contractures. And they are very annoying, sometimes, if they pinch a nerve, we can experience an unpleasant sensation of numbness or a feeling of numbness of a part of the body. The solution is quick and very pleasant, because after the deconstructing massage, you will feel a feeling of relief from heaviness and full back tightness

3. Temporomandibular massage

It may sound strange to you, but it is one of the most common ailments of which we are not aware. Bruxism usually occurs during the night, when we sleep, and it is the unconscious act of squeezing the bars of the upper jaw with those of the lower one. This act, apart from wear the teeth, evokes a superior headache problem due to the force that is done. So in the type of relaxing massage it will help relieve pressure on the jaw bars and consequently, you will also relieve headaches.

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4. four-hand massage

If the most common types of massages are already relaxing, imagine a four-hand massage, with two masseuses deconstructing your body, perfectly synchronized. Do not think twice, these types of energy massage are not done in all centres, we do.

5. Stone massage

This is one of the most relaxing types of back massages that exist, the heat of the stones relaxes the muscles so working them later will be much simpler, easier and with immediate results. Apart from that you will get circulatory benefits, detox and considerably reduce chronic bone and muscle pain. The time has come to take that weight off your back, and never better.

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6. Cervical massage

One of the most painful points on our back and the most loaded during the day. Cervical massages such as loaded cervices are increasingly common and that is due to the use of mobile phones that forces us to be more hunched over when we consult the screen of the latter. So do not think about it anymore and relax the upper part of your back with these types of basic but very necessary massages.

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In order to observe a clear reality without getting lost in fantasies or ghosts, we need to keep the anchor at a fixed point. To resume contact with the body means to close your eyes, turn your eyes to yourself and from there reopen them, keeping one inwards – one outwards.

Tantric Massage Singapore is a type of sensitive massage that allows people to connect with their body. Adding the experience of a deep relaxation to all the benefits that we have named at the beginning of the article, the person who receives a Tantric Massage achieves an increase in energy, greater productivity and a higher consciousness The feeling of psychic, physical and spiritual integrity as well as the peace and vivacity that it provides to the recipient is leading it to be one of the most demanded massage modalities worldwide.

Now that you know everything about our selection of types of relaxing massages, are you going to make an appointment to become one? We wait for you in our centre. For more information visit this site: forextradenews.

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