Experiencing Knee Pain? It Is Time To Visit A Sports Injury Clinic

When you participate in sports or exercises that strain your knees, you may end up developing injuries or knee pain.

Apart from the pain and discomfort, you will go through; your schedules will also be affected because you cannot move freely when your knees hurt.

In this article, we will discuss the causes of knee pain, common home remedies, and when you should see a doctor about knee pain.

Causes Of Knee Pain

Knee pain may result from injuries sustained due to a blow to the knee or twisting or bending force. Sprains, strains, bursitis, fractures, meniscus, and overuse injuries are common reasons for knee pain. Additionally, knee pain is more common in the elderly because as people grow older, they move and exercise less; thus, their muscles weaken.

Common Home Remedies For Knee Pain

As long as the knee pain is not severe and the knee is not very swollen, you can easily relieve the pain through simple home remedies.


Exercising keeps your muscles strong and helps maintain mobility. Although it is important to rest your knees for some time, they will become stiff and slow down the healing process if you rest for too long. You can start with slow impact exercises so as not to put too much strain on your knees. Sports Massage in Singapore can also help you with various knee injuries.

Weight Management

This remedy is for people who experience knee pain as a result of being overweight. The excess weight adds more pressure to your knee joints, thus worsening the pain; therefore, working on your weight loss will have immense benefits. Being overweight can also lead to back pain.

Heat and Cold Therapy

You should alternate between cold and hot treatment for the best results. Ensure that you do this several times throughout the day. The heat pad shouldn’t be too hot, and you should avoid the heat treatment altogether if your joint is warm during a flare. Additionally, you should use a gel pack or other cold packs rather than applying ice directly to your skin.

When To See A Doctor

If you have tried several home remedies and none seems to work, the next step is to see a doctor because the injury might get worse. Thus if you don’t notice any change after several days of home remedies, you have no other option than to see a doctor or seek physiotherapy sessions to relieve the pain.

You should also rush to the hospital if you notice signs and symptoms of an infection, such as fever and marked knee swelling.

You should also seek help from a medical professional when you notice a deformity in your leg or knee or cannot fully extend or flex your knee.

Do not ignore your pain, thinking it will eventually go away because other underlying health conditions may be slowing the healing process. Unless you seek help from professionals, you may develop serious knee problems.


Although home remedies relieve knee pain, it is better to seek help from medical professionals. They can help you with lifestyle transformation so that you take better care of your body.

FHYSIO, a Sports Injury Clinic in Singapore has modern equipment to help you exercise so that your knee can heal and become stronger.

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