When is Time to Replace your Golf Clubs

One looming thing in every golfer’s mind is when to replace his clubs. Though sturdy, golf clubs do suffer from wear and tear, and, eventually, their life cycle will come to an end. 

Fortunately, replacing one’s clubs doesn’t happen too often, so if you own a set of decent quality ones, you’ll be set for years to come.

However, what happens when you do need to replace them? Here are a few quick tips on when and how to go about it!

Why Should You Replace Your Golf Clubs?

Sometimes, the question as to why you should replace your golf clubs doesn’t have a clear answer. The obvious answer is that you replace them when they break, but clubs can last a very long time thanks to new manufacturing techniques and technology. Golf clubs, on average, can last up to 3-4 years. 

So, with that being said, very few people replace their golf clubs every year. According to, that number sits around 7%, while most (43%) do this after four years. 

That being said, if you’re not replacing your clubs because they’re broken, why else would you bother? Due to advances in manufacturing technology and ever greater use and refinement of composite materials answer to that question is technology. 

These new clubs offer superior performance compared to older models while retaining durability. 

The bottom line here is – once you’ve made your purchase, you’re pretty much set for a while. If you’ve chosen a decent set, you can trust your clubs to carry you for a substantial amount of games. 

However, do practice good maintenance practices with your clubs, and don’t be afraid to check what’s new on the market from time to time. 

When and What Should You Replace?

Okay, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s see what happens when you need to replace your clubs. Should you just replace them, or should you make repairs? 

Which parts wear out the fastest? What should you do when you discover your clubs are damaged?

So, if you’re a regular golfer, whether you hit the course or your local driving range, or perhaps you enjoy the facilities of your local golf simulator in NYC, you probably know what grips are what goes first. 

Luckily, replacing your grips is quick and easy. On top of that, there are plenty of grip types, so you can go with thicker or thinner ones, grippier and slicker, whatever helps you improve your stroke.

You probably won’t have to worry about them too much when it comes to shafts. In the days of yore, when clubs were made of hickory, they would snap much more often. Nowadays, stainless steel shafts will ensure your club will last a long time, even in the most adverse weather.

When it comes to composite materials, carbon fiber shafts are gaining popularity. While more brittle than steel ones, they can improve distance accuracy and are more forgiving, especially for beginners

Either way, cracked or bent shafts are trouble. When it comes to steel ones, you can take them to your fitter and attempt to straighten them out. Carbon fiber is finicky, and you’ll often see cracking in these shafts. There you’ll have to replace.

Another thing that will require more frequent checking and replacing is iron heads. If you’re particularly fond of one particular iron, you may notice the grooves fading. Some tools let you sharpen these, but they might make them too sharp to conform to Rules of Golf. 

However, if you notice wear, don’t rush to replace the head or the club. Instead, please take it to your fitter. They might be able to do something. But, then, only replace it at their recommendation. 

When it comes to clubheads, pay attention to your loft and lie angles. Repeated use on a driving range or making difficult shots from bunkers or woods can offset the angle. 

If you notice the angle and accuracy of your shots being off, this might be the problem. Take the clubs to your fitter, and they’ll fix it for you quickly and easily.  

Other than your golf clubs, it’s also important to replace your golf bags to make sure your golf clubs are properly stored. There are many to choose from: minimalist golf bags, lightweight golf bags, and sunday golf bags. Choose the best one according to your needs.


Now, let’s wrap things up. To reiterate what we said initially, a quality set of golf clubs is undoubtedly going to last for a long time.

However, malfunctions happen, accidents happen, and you might need to replace your club(s). If that happens, don’t jump the gun and refer to our guide on what to pay ttactics attention to. Happy golfing! 

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