Moving will not probably be on your list of ten favorite things to do because it can be overwhelming, expensive, and time-consuming. Luckily, there are several ways to make your move less stressful.

Create a moving inventory

Having a moving inventory helps you manage your time well and ensures you do not miss out on anything. As you already know, moving involves a lot of steps. Start by listing all the items you need to move and everything you must do before the moving day. If any other matter pops up in your head, promptly add it to your list. Choosing to do several tasks every day will make a move easier.

Start packing early

Packing is one of the stressful things when planning a move, but starting early can make all the difference between a smooth and stressful move. If you are a procrastinator, start sooner and not later. As you start going through your rooms, have boxes to pack everything right away. Start packing the off-season items and once-in-a-while-use stuff.

Pack room by room

Looking around at your stuff, from furniture to knickknacks, can be overwhelming, but you can make things simpler by packing room by room. Packing one room at a time reduces your stress and helps you declutter more easily. You can start with rooms you don’t often use, like the guest room and dining room, then move to the other rooms as the moving day nears.

Use a labeling system.

Consider using a labeling system or color code boxes according to the rooms to make it easier for your moving crew to load and unload them. That eliminates the possibility of having a truck full of identical confusing boxes. When all your boxes are labeled, the movers automatically know where to place them in the new house.

Ask for help

When you have friends, you don’t have to undergo the hassle and tussle of preparing for a move alone. Ask your family members or friends to help you through the moving process. Some can even give you some insights based on their previous moving experience. Alternatively, you can host a fun packing party where you pack as you party with your friend.

Pack an overnight bag

Pack all the essentials you need daily in an overnight bag because it can be hard to find everything you need right away after moving. The overnight bag can sustain you during and after the move before you finally unpack, and it should include essentials like a few changing clothes and toiletries.

Hire professional movers

Engaging a moving company to handle the logistics of the move can take away the heavy burden off your shoulder. You can compare different moving companies to find a reliable and affordable one. Depending on your agreement, the movers can even pack and unpack your items in your new home to make a move more manageable for you.

Parting words

Start planning early for a move. That ensures you have plenty of time to get everything organized and make the move less stressful both emotionally and financially.

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