University of Phoenix Reviews Highlight Quality Faculty, Staff Support

What makes a university special? One key factor that can add to the university experience is the relationships forged in classrooms with caring, skilled and knowledgeable faculty members. Connections made with instructors committed to student success can make a big difference on students.

University of Phoenix reviews by current and former students point to those relationships with faculty and staff as driving exceptional experiences as students. They tell a powerful story of how the University changes the lives of thousands of people every day.

Faculty Who Care

“It’s been a long time since I last attended school and I appreciate all of the available resources offered by University of Phoenix. So far, the instructors are amazing — just a post or email away to assist with any challenge that may come up. I believe that the program is designed for student success and would highly recommend this University for anyone looking to further their education.”

At its core, a University of Phoenix education is about experienced instructors who have real-world experience in the fields they teach. They understand the work, the needs and the skills that can help students strive for long-term career success.

The practical, applied education and its impact on students is evident in a look at some recent University of Phoenix reviews. Here are a few examples:

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“As a recent University of Phoenix Graduate I cannot say enough about the staff and faculty at University of Phoenix. Faculty commitment to learning is the epitome of excellence. Staff members are extremely knowledgeable and always ready to provide academic direction. Instruction from highly seasoned professionals is the core that enhances the student learning experience and knowledge base.”

“I want to say this time around I will finish my degree. The instructors are very good. I like the hands-off approach. As long as you follow instructions, this course is a breeze. In other words, this is a good school for you to prove you can finish what you start. Bravo.”

“I never expected to have such a positive college experience. The classes were insightful, and the instructors went above and beyond for their students. Can’t wait to start my next program.”

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Designed for Adult Learners

University of Phoenix provides certificate and degree programs at all levels of higher education. Curricula are designed by faculty with the adult learner in mind.

As University of Phoenix reviews show, classes and degrees are designed to provide a high level of flexibility. The University understands that students are balancing their education with work, family and personal obligations and has built courses to accommodate those demands.

Most instructors are practitioner faculty with advanced degrees who are active in their fields. More importantly, they bridge the gap between theory and practice. Faculty members are working professionals who are encouraged to remain current in their professions, understanding the trends, issues, new technologies and demands relevant to your degree.

“I had great experience throughout my two degree programs at University of Phoenix. The programs are comprehensively covered, quality instruction and resources are available and accessible to all students. Staff and faculty members are knowledgeable of their areas of expertise and are quick to assist students’ needs. All are concerned about students and often call to encourage and motivate students.”

“This school has been great. The courses are easy to follow, and the instructors seem to care about the student’s performance and understanding the material in the lessons.”

“My classes have been challenging. However, my instructors really helped me get through the most difficult sections.”

“Overall, the instruction has been top-notch.”

Curriculum design is centralized with degree programs built to ensure that University of Phoenix students get a quality education that is relevant and effective. College deans and faculty members collaborate to build each program based on specific objectives related to student outcomes.

Academic Support That Drives Positive Outcomes

“Such an amazing and helpful University. They actually want you to succeed!”

At University of Phoenix, students are supported not just in the classroom. Academic advisors, finance advisors and tutors help students get the most out of their University experience, navigate the curriculum and get assistance on how to pay for their education.

That’s in addition to the technologies available to help every student succeed including an online learning management system, digital library and career resources available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Here’s what some recent University of Phoenix reviewers had to say about the support staff available for students.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my MSN program and plan to be done at the end of September 2021. Every instructor, financial aid representative and academic advisor I have worked with during my program has been extremely helpful. I would highly recommend University of Phoenix.”

“Personally, I have always enjoyed school online and I believe the staff … are helpful and are easy to get ahold of. I enjoy getting the hands-on training on labs as well as how courses open and close every month.”

“From the beginning of my associate program until the end of my bachelor’s degree, the academic, financial and alumni representatives were there to support me the entire way. I plan to get my master’s and doctoral through University of Phoenix and will continue to sing praises about it and my experience.”

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About University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix, founded in 1976, offers associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees, certificate programs and courses. Classes are designed with adult learners in mind and start on frequent, regular intervals and are taught online.

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