Handicapping In Horse Racing: What It Is And When Should You Take Advantage?

As you start to look through the racecards from Timeform, you may be wondering what handicapping in horse racing is. There is a lot to learn when it comes to horse racing and betting, and knowing about handicapping is certainly something that you should ensure that you have an understanding of if you are going to be a successful bettor with a fine strategy. In this guide we take a look at handicapping in horse racing as we ask: what is it and when should you take advantage?

In a handicap race, each horse is given weight to race with. The amount of weight given to the horse is determined based on its ability. The aim of giving horses weight to carry as they race is to ‘level the playing field’ a little and therefore give all of the horses in the race a chance to compete for a winning finishing spot.

The handicapper assesses each horse entered for the race based on previous form and performance. This is where you need to look carefully at the race cards and look for ‘OR’ – this is the horse’s ‘official rating’ and will provide you with a key piece of information when it comes to making a bet. When looking to compare the OR of horses running in a race, remember that the numbers given directly correspond to the amount of weight being carried by the horse. So, the lower the number, the less weight the horse is carrying. After three runs, the OR is adjusted by the handicapper.More info for visit the site bolly4u

Despite the fact that the aim of handicapped races is to give all horses in the race the same chance of winning, in reality this isn’t the case (how many races have you watched where the horses all get to the finish line at the same time?), and this is because each horse will cope with weight differently. Strong, fit horses won’t find it as difficult to run with weight as weaker less fit horses. Additionally, there will be some horses who are more used to carrying weight than others. Whilst pretty much any race in the UK can be run as a handicap, there are some horses that will have more experience in handicapped races than others, and this can have an effect on the day of a race. There may also be a difference in the amount of training a horse does whilst carrying weight, and so this may make some more open to racing with weight than others.visit here movie4me

When it comes to taking advantage, you need to think about which horses are going to race better than the handicap assessor thinks they will. In order to do this you need to look at the last three races that the horse has been involved in (remember, this is where the OR is taken from) and compare the races to the one that the horse you are planning to bet on is about to race in. Look at the going, the course, the distance and determine whether you think the horse is likely to perform in a similar way when it comes to the race that you are betting here okpunjab

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