Slot machines have been increasing in popularity over the years. They allow players to have hours of entertainment and win cash prizes. These games are enjoying a boom in popularity, from the classic ‘One-Armed Bandit” to the modern video slots that can be found at many online casinos.

This article will cover the history and evolution of these machines from land-based gaming to online gaming.

Invention of Slot Machine

It was around 1891 that the first slot machine we know today was invented. This slot, also known as the “One-Armed Bandit”, was created in New York by Sittman & Pitt. It had 50 possible card symbols, with five drums acting like reels and a lever to turn them off. They were used throughout the country, as is the case for modern fruit machine slots.  And now you can choose from hundred of online slot machines, to know more about these games read slot reviews.

The First Automatic Slot

Charles Fey, a Californian man, invented the first automated slot in 1895, not long after the inventions of the “One-Armed Bandit”. This slot had only three reels and five symbols on the reels. It was widely considered simpler because it used a simpler mechanism.

This first slot, named the Liberty Bell by its creators, could be considered an influencer of modern video slots that use only three reels and very few symbols.

Reel Symbols

Slots have been associated with fruit symbols for a long time. This may be due to Herbert Mills’s 1907 invention of the slot machine. Herbert Mills invented the Operator Bell to compete with Charles Feys.

Many video slots continue to use traditional fruit symbols, despite the fact that reel symbols can now be made of almost anything. Double Bubble is a popular video slot that draws on classic symbols and features while still offering players a modern spin experience.

Slot Machines as We Know Them

1963 saw the first slot machine without a lever on its side. It was the first machine to reward coins without the need for an attendant. This slot machine, called Money Honey, was a pioneer in electronic games.

Video Slots: The First Introduction

Bally Manufacturing was able to introduce electronic functionality to the slot scene 13 years ago, but the first video slots were created in California in the mid-70s. Fortune Coin Co. developed video slot technology in 1976. They mounted a display on a cabinet to show the technology and received approval from Nevada State Gaming Commission.

Video Slots

Video slots and their role in gaming is rooted back in the launch of online casinos in the 1990s. The first online casino to offer a variety of video slots was launched in 1994.

There are hundreds of online casinos where you can play thousands of video slot machines. These video slots are provided by many software providers and can be found in all genres.

There are many ways to win large cash sums, and progressive slots have made this even more possible. These games can be linked up to larger networks which allow prize funds to grow rapidly and reach the millions regularly.

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