One Piece anime: Most of filler chapters

The most popular manga of all time has countless episodes, but not all of anime sagas correspond to the manga. Seasonal guide.

Starting to see the manga or watch the One Piece anime in 2021 is brave. But it’s well worth it. Over 1000 chapters in relation to the vignettes and more than 960 episodes at the creation for the small screen. 

However, as is frequently the case in just about all successful anime with a weekly book without breaks by seasons, the series usually reaches the rhythm of their manga and… first stories are included as fillers; that is, non-canonical bows.

The  one piece filler list  isn’t quite as numerous as that of other manga, but it will exist. Is it worth watching? That is determined by each; there are very intriguing chapters. 

Not surprisingly, if you would like to see only the sagas and episodes based on the famous manga by Eiichiro Oda, the most effective of all time with over 480 million volumes sold, we’re going to give you a hand and explain that One Piece arcs are Canonical and exactly what sagas are filler. In an appendix at the end of the guide we talk more in depth for what stuffing is and why it is present in the manganime industry.

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One Piece anime: all of canon sagas and all fillers

We begin by answering the question of how to watch the 1 Piece anime in full with Spanish subtitles in a official and legal manner. The solution is Crunchyroll, a paid VOD system with different subscription modalities. There’s an program for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S; all of the info on its own website.

The  one piece filler anime starts airing in October 1999, two years following the manga began. The achievement of Eiichiro Oda’s comic aroused the attention of the principal television programs, but Toei Animation is the person who eventually obtained the rights to broadcast them on FNS (Fuji TV). And so they last, more than twenty decades later among the five most watched anime each week.

Put on your own straw hat and get on the ship, because this time you do need to find comfy to enjoy this thrilling narrative. Will Monkey D. Luffy be the next pirate king?

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Entrance to the Grand Line

Season 2 — Arabasta Saga (Episodes 62-135)

Filler episodes: 136-143; 196 to 206 (Fortress G-8 arch).

Season 4 — Ennies Lobby / Water Saga 7 (Episodes 207-325)

Filler episodes: 220-226; 279-283, 291, 292, 303, 317, 318, 319.

Season 5 — Thriller Bark Saga (Episodes 326 to 384)

Season 6 — Marineford Saga (Episodes 385-516)

Filler episodes: 406-407; 426-429; 457-458; 492 (incident with Toriko).

Time Skip — Arrival in the New World

Season 7 — Kyojin Island Saga (Episodes 517 to 574)

Season 8 — Amazing Pirate Alliance Saga (Episodes 575 to 746)

Filler episodes: 575-578; 590; 626-628.

Season 9 — Saga of the Four Emperors (Episodes 747 into??)

Filler episodes: 747-750; 775; 780-782; 807; 881; 895-896; 907 (20th anniversary particular ).

However, what is filler and why does it exist?

Many successful animated series based on a manga normally have comics or narrative arcs that are not told in the original story of the mangaka in query. 

The reason? Very simple: the manufacturers of the animated series don’t need breaks in the weekly broadcast (if it is per week ) of those episodes. We explain it to you.

There are string like My Hero Academia, to put a favorite case of recent occasions, which is based on seasons. The term of seasons suggests waves of chapters, like in a traditional series, where the best fidelity to the job is sought without lengthening situations, scenes and dialogues in excess. 

For a logical motive, it’s difficult to adapt 19 pages of a manga chapter (the overall average of the weekly episodes of the Weekly Shonen Jump manga) into a chapter of approximately twenty minutes of the anime.

The show by seasons don’t have to think about this since they are not as much time per year in emission; anime that do meet the principle of about 45 yearly episodes are seen in this position.

Put simply: string which aren’t based on seasons tend to catch up with the manga and, thus, non-canonical first sagas (filler) are included so that the manga takes space from the anime . And so Forth. It’s especially dilated in rather long comics, like One Piece or Naruto. 

In the case that concerns us, we are speaking about a manga of over 1000 chapters, roughly 100 tankobon volumes and more than twenty years in circulation.

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