Promotional Jackets and T-shirts

Promotional materials are often created by organisations and businesses to promote and advertise various things, the whole place, a specific event or product, and so on. As well as having the option of top quality tshirt printing in Singapore you might also consider jacket printing too. Both jackets and t-shirts make good garments to print on. It is great advertising at a low cost! Place your logo on and you also improve brand awareness among whoever you hand those things out to and people that see them. The positioning is up to you but think about what part of the shirt or jacket is most visible.

Advantages of printed jackets and shirts

Both jackets and t-shirts are great for a number of reasons. They have a large area that can be covered if you want to, people wear them more than once as long as you get the fit, style and quality right. Jackets tend to be made to be durable and used multiple times. Both are easy to access. T-shirts are cheaper, but in certain situations or climates, a jacket is the better choice.

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Tips on getting it right

You can look online for t shirt printing in Singapore and ask about other services like jacket printing and even embroidery. It is easy to order what you want, just think about what best represents you, the event, the charity, business or organisation or group you are giving them to. Poor quality does not say good things about you as a business in general. Make a good impression with the people wearing the promotional garments and those who see them. Some other things to consider;

  1. Design a logo that is stylish, attracts the eye and represents your business well.
  2. Think about the space on the garments. Jackets have even more room than t-shirts! Make use of that space with thought into what is going where to get the most visibility and response from this marketing effort with jacket and tshirt printing in Singapore.
  3. Consider ordering in bulk as you can often get good deals when you order more all at one time. You can use the money saved elsewhere in the marketing department or elsewhere in the business.
  4. Think about the quality of the garment and what material it is made from. Try to choose something comfortable but also durable when using t shirt printing in Singapore.
  5. Get help with your design. Some printers have images to look at, some have design help they offer. If you are not artistic then get help from the experts! If this is a business logo being designed for the first time you might even want to hire a designer to work with.


Promotional materials are a great means of getting a message across whether that is encouraging people to do something, go somewhere, or buy something. Just think about getting the details right, and the garments right so you can stretch out the advertising you get from them.

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