Laurie Murray and Clint Eastwood Share a Closer Relationship

After learning about her mother’s tragic death, Laurie Murray reconnected with her birth family, who raised her. Eastwood was listed on the birth certificate, and Laurie and her birth mother stayed in touch over the years. Although the couple have since moved on, Laurie still maintains a close relationship with Eastwood. She shares a close relationship with Eastwood, as well as with the woman who raised her. The two also share a love for golf Webshots.

A year later, at 39 years old, Laurie Murray was a law firm manager and a paralegal. At this point, she was facing a crossroads when she decided to enroll in nursing school. She was inspired by the nurses who took care of her daughter after several surgeries. In 2006, Laurie enrolled in the program at Great Bay Community College in the San Francisco area and began taking co-requisite classes and full-time classes 3net. While she worked on her studies, she worked as a Licensed Nursing Assistant at Exeter Hospital.

The actress is one of Clint Eastwood’s seven children with five women. She met Clint when she was pregnant with his fourth child, and they grew close. Laurie and Clint shared a love of golf and the outdoors, which is no surprise. They also went on vacation together as a family. Clint’s younger child confirmed that she is her sister. However, it’s unclear if Laurie Murray and Clint Eastwood will ever be reunited Lockerz.

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