Factors to Consider in a Truck-Collision 

Truck collisions can end up very badly, especially for motorists with much smaller vehicles. You may be facing grave medical bills, extensive damage to your vehicle, and an army of lawyers from the commercial trucking company. If you live in Idaho, highways like I-90, I-15, and I-84 witness a lot of truck traffic. Unfortunately, this has resulted in growing accidents between truckers, and car drivers. If you need immediate medical assistance, be sure to hire a great Boise Idaho auto accident lawyer. Also consider the 3 following factors to understand your upcoming legal battle. 

Overworked Drivers 

It is estimated that on average, 13% truck collisions are caused by fatigued drivers. This is an understated, and well-acknowledged among legal experts in the auto collision specialization. The trucking industry often chooses to compensate drivers based on their performance, and delivery, which is often at odds with the safety of their own, and their vehicles. Furthermore, most truckers carry footage of their driving conditions with the help of video capture through dash cameras. This is important footage your lawyer can access to build a solid case on your behalf. 

Blind Corners 

Your first instinct may be to avoid suing a commercial truck driver, as he probably knows a thing or two about driving more than the average person. However, an average local driver has a key advantage over commercial drivers. You are probably aware of blind spots, corners, and sharp turns in your area, far better than a commercial driver that drives around the country every week. Be sure to speak with your lawyer about why you drove slow expectedly or similar instinct if you have one. 

Cargo Weight 

Truck cargos are often overloaded, keeping in mind expectations about the efficiency, and productivity. This results in lower stability and manoeuvrability for trucks across the United States. If you were hit by a commercial truck, be sure to understand how the cargo factor affected a collision with your car or your property in some cases. 

Weather Conditions 

Similar to driver fatigue, weather conditions are also responsible for about 13% of the truck collisions. Trucks with their limited stability, and manoeuvrability under normal conditions, are susceptible to slips, and various other dangers in the United States. Be sure to think about the weather factor before filing a legal case.

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