5 ways to make your basketball shoes last longer

Basketball shoes are a very important part of the game. They give players more traction and support, which makes them more efficient. However, it can also be expensive to buy new ones all the time.

The good news is that there are many ways for you to make your basketball shoes last longer! Here’s how:

1. Take care of your shoes by cleaning them regularly with a damp cloth and a mild soap

The first thing you can do to maintain your basketball shoes is clean them regularly. You should use a damp cloth and some kind of mild soap, like dishwashing liquid or shampoo. This will help remove any dirt from the surface of the shoe that might be affecting its performance on the court. Just make sure you only scrub in one direction with a soft brush so as not to damage the leather!

It’s also important to get rid of any debris that gets caught on your shoes during games. It could cause an injury if it stays there because it sticks out more when people are playing defense against you – even though they’re just trying to steal the ball away! So take care

2. Use shoe trees to help maintain the shape and prevent creasing

You can use shoe trees for your basketball shoes to help maintain the shape and prevent creasing. They should be put in your shoes every night after you’ve played a game or practice session, and they will also have an air-tight seal that keeps moisture out!

If you don’t want to buy shoe trees for your sneakers, there are other options – like stuffing newspaper inside of them before putting them away at night. It’ll fill up any gaps where bacteria could grow from sweat while holding the shape well enough too.  Doing this is really important because without it even if your feet stinks so much that people might think you need dryer sheets on top of foot deodorant for after gym class…you won’t get rid of all those bad smells in just one day.

3. Store your shoes in a cool, dry place that is not near any heat sources like fireplaces

When you get back home, be sure to give your hot safari slots a thorough wiping down with a wet towel and then leave them near the window to air dry. You could also put them in front of an open door or fan if it’s too hard for you to remember where they go every night after practice!

If you’re like me…you’ll forget about these things eventually and end up leaving your stinky sneakers inside of their shoe trees – but at least this way, when that time does come again (because we all know it will) there is already something ready for use once more!

To store my basketball shoes overnight I usually just take off the shoelaces because I don’t want anything getting lost while being moved around.

If you’re really serious about your shoes lasting as long as possible, make sure to switch it up. By that I mean don’t wear the same pair of shoes every day – let them rest and give yourself a break!

4. Put on some shoe covers when playing outside, especially if it’s wet outside

When playing outside, especially if it’s wet outside, make sure to put on some shoe covers. I usually just use a pair of socks that go up to my knee because they’re a perfect size and also absorb sweat from my feet – which can be really bad for basketball shoes as well.

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5. Replace shoelaces after six months to avoid fraying and breaking due to wear-and-tear

One of the most important tips I have for prolonging the life of a pair of basketball shoes is replacing shoelaces after six months.

This tip might be more important than it looks because worn-out shoelaces can fray and break much easier, which means your shoes won’t last as long!

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If you don’t want to replace them yourself, you can always go to a store and buy new ones.

Basketball shoes are super important and it’s always a good idea to take care of them. If you follow these tips, your basketball shoes will last for much longer than they would with just regular wear and tear!

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