5 Strategies to improve basketball passing- 2021 guide

Having excellent passing skills for the basketball players can make their game more unstoppable. In today’s game, passing may be a lost art. But passing is an essential part of winning, as basketball is still a team sport. Coaches always talk to players about being selfless, both an individual and a team. So, you need to improve your basketball passing skills.

If you don’t know how to improve your basketball passing skills, then you’re in the right place. This article will help you to learn the five strategies to develop basketball passing.

  1.   Build speed and strength by overload drill

Perform overload drill. If you use 2-ball passing drills, you will build accuracy and speed. Middle Man Passing, Machine Gun Passing, Partner Passing, and Pass & Switch are the 2-ball passing drills. Drills using forces you to play with one hand like short passing. Thus, you can build confidence and strength.

  1.   Spacing

The players should learn the optimum distance so that they can effectively pass. And for offensive play, this is the most crucial strategy.

  1.   Short passing and angle passing

To improve spacing, sometimes, the players can take a dribble toward a receiver. You can be a more dangerous passer when the more angles and places you can pass.

  1.   Easy passing

When easy passes will do, you don’t need to do great passes. Pass to an open teammate, who is away from defense and able to catch the ball. Don’t throw the pass if it’s not possible.

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  1.   Emphasize the catch

In some cases, the passing will not perfect as we want. For catching the ball, the receiver has to go where it requires to go. So, receivers more aggressive, and passers will become more confident by emphasizing the catch.

Players who can pass help their team win and are noticed by teammates and coaches. So, never neglect the basketball passing.

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