4 Popular Types of Fishing Reels That You Should Know 

If you are an experienced fisherman, I presume you know the importance of choosing the right reel. Just like fishing rods, there’s a wide range of fishing reels available. Some are useful for freshwater fishing, off-boat fishing, and off beach fishing. Also, you can use most of the reels for different types of fishing, and understanding the different types and their pros help in the selection.

What are the common types of reels?

1. Spinning reels

Spinning reels are standard among both beginner and seasoned anglers. You can use them for different types of fishing purposes. These can range from spin fishing with artificial lures, fishing with rigs, bobber fishing, ice fishing, fishing with live or dead bait, and more.

The main advantage of spinning reels over baitcasting reels is their ability to cast small bait and lures. And this is why most pro anglers always have a spinning reel on their boats. When shopping for fishing reels, it’s advisable to pick high-quality devices. To make a more informed decision, visit and learn of their differences, features, and prices.

2. Center pin reels

Center pin reels are popular fishing devices and are commonly used for fly fishing. They feature a simple construction and are easy to use. These reels resemble a large-diameter fly reel but have no drag, allowing you to spin freely on the axis.

Also, they don’t have a clicker and help transport the reel and not for fishing. Center pin rods are long and can vary from 1-13 feet in length. The large spools allow for high levels of resistance and consistency during adjustments. What’s more, anglers use the center pin reel to achieve better control over the drag of the fishing line.

3. Baitcasting reels

Baitcasting reels are the most popular reels available in the market. Its fishing rod is located on the top side, which is why most people refer to it as an overhead reel. You’ll find baitcasting reels in stainless steel, aluminium, or synthetic materials. Baitcasting reels are used in rowling boats and bottom fishing. They are handy when fishing in more crowded areas or riverbeds. Moreover, they are powerful enough for offshore fishing.

4. Fly fishing reels

Fly fishing reels are famous for their simplicity. They are essential devices for anyone wishing to try their hand in fly fishing. These reels feature a fly reel that holds the fly line and backing. Fly fishing reels are thin and lightweight and are very portable.

Some feature a double handle for enhanced stability when fishing in strong currents. You’ll get two types of fly fishing reels in the market; some are ideal for freshwater fishing while others are good for salty water fishing. Most fly fishing reels feature fibreglass and graphite materials for more durability and strength. The best fishing equipment and supplies for fishkeepers Click here to view service provider.


There are different types of fishing reels in the market. No matter the type of fishing, acquire high-quality devices and from reputed manufacturers and suppliers. Also, understand how to use and care for the reel to avoid damages and enhance its durability.

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