3 Questions to ask a lawyer after Tucson car accident

Car crashes and collisions are not uncommon in Arizona. Immediately after an accident in Tucson, you are expected to inform the local law enforcement and call 911 to seek medical attention for the injured. If you have sustained serious injuries, your focus should be your recovery, but it makes sense to contact a lawyer without delay. Lawyers can help recover your damages, including medical bills and lost wages. If you want to read more about this or if you are working with a Tucson auto accident attorney, below are some questions you need to ask.

1. What can I do to protect my interests?

The car accident scene has considerable evidence that can come in handy to prove your claim. If you can take pictures right then and there, it’s always an advantage. Ask your attorney what you can possibly do to protect your rights and interests. A good lawyer may advise against dealing or talking directly to the at-fault party and their insurer. You should also avoid giving a statement to the insurance representative without talking to your lawyer. 

2. What is your experience with similar car accident claims/lawsuits?

Not all personal injury lawyers specialize in car accident lawsuits. The scope of personal injury laws is huge, and you need an attorney who deals with auto accident claims and lawsuits frequently in their practice. While most claims are settled outside of court, a few car accident cases end up in trial. In such circumstances, you need an attorney who has courtroom confidence and can argue on your behalf. If you want to know a lawyer better, ask about their top cases and settlements. 

3. How much would you charge for your services?

Usually, car accident attorneys in Arizona work on contingency. They can absorb all other costs related to investigation and litigation on your behalf until you win a financial settlement. If the lawyer is working on contingency, they only charge a fee if they win. Ask the attorney about the percentage of the settlement they will charge in fees, which shouldn’t typically exceed 40%. Experienced attorneys may charge more, but a lot also depends on the complications of the case. 

Final word

If you wish to hire a car accident lawyer, don’t delay in taking action. Your lawyer can gather evidence, talk to witnesses and experts to bolster your case. More importantly, they can ensure that you don’t accept the first offer from the insurance company, which is likely to be lower than what you should get for your damages. 

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