What’s the very motive behind Israel’s targeting of buildings in Gaza?

As of the new developments in the escalation of the Israel Palestine conflict is continuing various building in Gaza and the West bank have been bombed by Israeli rockets and bombs. The attacks seem consistent and well planned given the selective targeting of the buildings that include the commercial areas, the medical units, and hospitals as well as the media center and journalist towers as well. The very purpose of these attacks seems to demoralize Palestinians and weaken their resolve. Palestinians are being treated very badly here and it seems that they don’t have any basic human rights at all, Israeli oppression seems to be escalating and the UN and western world seem completely ignorant of the fact.

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The first purpose of Israel seems to weaken the economy of Palestine as it keeps on targeting the economic buildings where business is done and regulated and without the infrastructure, it is highly unlikely that any trade will take place thus putting a hole in Palestine’s economy. It is not the material loss that Israel is after as it wants to completely cripple an already weakened Palestinian economy and wants to take control of this element.

Apart from the bombing of the important economic buildings the shopping plazas and malls are also being targeted and very limited warning to clear the place is given and then the rockets are fired. Most people can’t even contemplate what is happening until these are hit with Israeli rockets. Many people were trapped under buildings and some have died during the event too, it is completely abhorrent and cruel what Israel is doing.

On the second level of their cunning plan Israel is bombing the residential places and houses as well, these large towers and complexes are being bombed with the help of rockets until the whole building ends up in nothing but rubble. And the small dwellings and Palestinian houses are being raided by the Israeli forces during the night without issuing any warning the militants simply storm into the place, beating up the residents and asking them to leave without any preparation or anything. The motive here is to cast Palestinians out of the West Bank and Gaza which was initially given to them so they can live separately and form a community for themselves. It looks like that Israel can’t ever stand with the word that it has given out initially, this is not only bumming but extremely daunting as well.

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The game would be that when each and every Palestinian is cast out of Gaza Israel would bring in settlers and would take the last piece of land from the Palestinians as well, this is pure genocide, this is oppression and the whole world watches these atrocities happening without doing anything real to stop it. Apartments and offices are demolished as if these carry no fundamental sense for the Palestinians, the Israeli oppression seems to be getting more vicious every passing day and Palestinians are losing not only their land but their lives in this process.

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