Understanding the Fantasy Trade Value of NFL Players

Having a good understanding of the fantasy trade value of players can be very beneficial in the NFL. There are a number of different factors that can affect the value of a player, and it’s important to know which players will have the best value.

A.J. Green

Despite his disappointing fantasy football season in 2018, Green has a track record of being available. This isn’t a good sign for other teams. A lot of owners think that Green is an injury prone receiver. If this is true, he’s not worth a late round pick. But, if you’re looking for an immediate answer at WR1, Green can be an option.

Green is a high-volume receiver. His ADP in non-PPR and half-PPR formats is just outside the top 250 overall.

He’s also a low-risk option. His injuries are largely minor. If he plays healthy this season, he’ll have a shot at being a Top 10 wideout.

Green is expected to return to the field after a hamstring injury that flared up in training camp. If he’s healthy, he’ll step in as the Bengals’ primary wideout.

Cordarrelle Patterson

During the first half of the season, Cordarrelle Patterson was a solid runner and receiver. However, in the second half of the season, he dropped to averaging under two receptions per game. This isn’t a problem in standard scoring formats, but in PPR leagues, he’s not going to maintain his value.

As a result, Cordarrelle Patterson is a candidate for a fantasy trade. He’s still a great runner, but he’s not a top tier receiver. His upside is intriguing, but his value is going to drop. Here are some options to consider.

The Detroit Lions defense has surrendered the second-most PPR points to running backs this season. It’s going to be difficult for the Patriots to run all over the Lions in Week 8. However, the Patriots have a talented backfield duo, and they should have no trouble racking up points.

Michael Vick

Having played 15 seasons in the NFL, Vick is the ultimate elusive player. His dual-threat capabilities give him the potential to score 20-plus points a game. During his time in the league, Vick compiled 133 touchdown passes and 6,109 yards as a rusher.

In the last three years, Vick has played an average of 12 games per season. He has played in the playoffs two of those years, despite missing six games in each year because of injury.

Vick is a decent fantasy starter, but the value of his performance is not a certainty. He is a player who needs to be kept in your lineup until you have figured out how to slow him down.

If you want a good starter, consider acquiring a top flight wide receiver. Vick does not have the deep threat that a receiver such as DeSean Jackson, Antonio Brown or Calvin Johnson has.

A.J. Ekeler

Despite his struggles in the first three games of the season, Austin Ekeler remains one of the top fantasy football players. He has a career-high 20.5 touches per game and is averaging 14 rushing attempts per game. He is also averaging 4.0 yards per touch and has seven targets per game.

The Chargers’ RB options have been split in recent weeks with Ekeler seeing the majority of touches at goal, while Sony Michel has had only one carry. However, Gordon is expected to return between Week 6 and Week 8 and will cannibalize some of Ekeler’s touches in PPR formats.

With Gordon back, Ekeler should no longer be considered a high-upside RB in standard leagues. However, he can still be useful in PPR formats because of his high usage.

Le’Veon Bell

Whether you are playing in an NFL fantasy league, a keeper league or a standard PPR league, you should know the value of Le’Veon Bell. He’s not only the best player in Pittsburgh, but he’s also a great addition to your fantasy team.

Bell has been a top-three fantasy option in the past, but he’s struggled in two of the last three seasons with the Jets and Chiefs. His value in fantasy football could go up once he returns to the field, but his role is going to be limited until then.

Despite being a top-rated fantasy player in the early part of the season, Bell’s production in the final thirteen games of the season has been dismal. His 3.2 yards per carry was his lowest average since his rookie season, and he hasn’t caught a pass since Week 8. This could be the end of Bell’s career, but he’s not out of the running for a long time.

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