Types Of Horse Racing Betting In Australia

If you’re new to horse racing betting, you must grasp the fundamentals of horse racing betting kinds at Blue Bet in Australia.

Horse racing betting options are many, with numerous methods to stake your money on the horses. The following are the most prevalent horse racing betting kinds to be aware of:


A “Win” bet, also known as “Straight up” or “On the nose,” signifies you are betting on that horse to win the race. Second place is simply insufficient!


A “Place” bet is a wager on your horse finishing first, second, or third. Winning the race is fantastic, but if you only have a place bet, you’ll be no better off than if you finished third. Place bets normally have chances that are one-quarter those of win bets.

To pay three places, most online sports betting companies demand a minimum of eight horses in the event. There will be “No Third Dividend” (NTD) if there are fewer than eight horses, and only the top two places will be rewarded.

Options For Standard Horse Racing Betting

Fixed Chances

When you place a wager with Fixed Odds, the price is locked in regardless of how the market moves. Fixed odds can sometimes be advantageous to the astute punter. If you bet on Fixed Odds early, the market may shift in your favor and the price may fall. This will not affect you because you secured juicy Fixed Odds early on.

Starting Point (SP)

At the outset of each race, the Starting Price is the average of the on-course bookmakers. The price will not be revealed until after the race.

Top Fluctuation

The highest (best) fluctuation of the price of the authorized on-course bookmakers as decided by the Bookmakers Pricing Service is provided up to thirty minutes before each race.

Best of 4/5 is a Betfair Australia product that we strongly suggest if you bet on horse racing in Australia. The Best of 4 product is offered at all horse races across the country and offers the best odds from the three Australian Totes or the Starting Price, whichever is higher. The Best of 5 product, which comprises the Best of 4 plus the Betfair Exchange Starting Price, is available at select large Saturday meetings.

Exotic Horse Racing Bet Types


Pick the first two horses in any order in a race, and your “Quinella” bet will win. Quinella payouts are determined based on the total amount of money in the pool and are declared after the race.


Similar to a Quinella, however, you must choose the precise finishing sequence. Because it is more difficult to win than a Quinella, the prizes are generally higher.


Choose the horses to finish first, second, and third in a race to win the “Trifecta” for a nice payout.

Quinella/Exacta/Trifecta Boxed

When you “box” your exotic bets, you select a group of horses to finish in the top two or three in the race. These bets are more expensive since you are betting on all combinations of the horses you have chosen. You will win if any combination of your horses finishes one-two or one-two-three Wotpost.

Quadrella (Quaddie)

The “Quaddie,” one of the most popular unusual bets in horse racing, can transform a little investment into a large gain. At each racing meets, the Quaddie requires you to pick the winner of four nominated races. These are often the last four races of the day.

You can choose more than one horse in each race, but each horse increases the number of combinations and the cost if you want to win the entire wager. If you have a defined budget, you can also choose to accept a lower (or higher) portion of the wager.

The whole prize money is divided among the winning combinations to decide the Quaddie.

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