Turkish Kickboxing Federation: The World’s Largest Kickboxing Organization

Introduction: What is Turkish Kickboxing, and How Does it Work?

Turkish Kickboxing is a combat sport originating in Turkey. It consists of punches, kicks and knee strikes along with throwing an opponent off their feet with the use of a “Judo throw”.

Turkish kickboxing is a martial art developed in Turkey. It primarily relies on punches, kicks and knee strikes or kicks as a form of combat. Competitors wear gloves and must fight in a ring with or without ropes.

History and Development of Turkish Kickboxing

Turkish kickboxing is a combat sport with huge popularity in Turkey. It is an intense, full-body exercise that uses the legs & sometimes arms to attack opponents. The sport was created at the end of the 1970s and beginning of the 1980s in Turkey

How to Become a Professional TKD Fighter…? Without Being a Professional Athlete!

This article will discuss the importance of TKD, the different types of training, and how to become a professional TKD fighter without being a professional athlete.

TKD is not just for martial artists, it can be perfect for those looking for fitness/focussing exercises. Kids who have trouble with coordination and focus benefits a whole lot from these lessons in discipline.

Tae Kwon Do is a martial art from South Korea. “Tae” means to kick and “kwon” means to strike or break. The word “do” translates to the way. So tae kwon do literally translates as the way of kicking and striking. Tae kwon do is a martial art that originated in Korea and features many kicking, punching, tying and knee strikes. There are many different variations of tae kwon do. The most popular one is Taekwondo, which was made famous by Choi Hong Hi.

Turkish kick boxing federation

The Turkish karate federation is affiliated with WAKO but the vice president of the Turkish muay thai federation, ibrahim murat gunduz, who is also a businessman wants ISKA (International Sport Karate Association) to come to Turkey.

Murat Gündüz, the head of the Turkish kick boxing federation affiliated with WAKO, has all but accepted a rematch against his Kyrgyz counterpart.

Muay Thai Vice President Murat Gündüz announced that he will bring the Turkish ISKA sports union to Turkey and will try to become its president, as opposed to the current president of the kickboxing federation.

The businessman, who cares about martial arts and athletics, wants to develop the best sports union in our country for the success of our country’s athletes.


The main reason why Vice President Murat Gunduz wanted ISKA (International Sport Karate Association) rather than WAKO (World Association of Kickboxing Organizations) is that ISKA’s amateur level was better for their needs.

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