Top Reasons to Use .Net for Development of Web Applications

The development of web applications has become simpler than ever before. You can now choose from a range of technologies and frameworks for web application development. But, with such a lot of possibilities come great confusion as well. A software development company may find it difficult to find the best technology for web application development at times.

This is where ASP.Net wins the title. When it comes to web application development, ASP.Net is considered to be the best framework. It is a cross-platform, open-source, and scalable web interface that can help create high-quality applications. Hire .Net developers to create modern web applications for your business.

An Overview of .Net

ASP.Net has gained great popularity for being a powerhouse of superior features. It helps create simple and efficient web applications. This cross-platform, high-performance framework is used to build modern, cloud-based applications. With this advanced framework, developers can:

  • Create productive and progressive web applications
  • Run a web application on .Net Core or .Net framework
  • Get flexibility to deploy services or apps to the cloud or on-premises
  • Support various platforms as it offers the option to create apps on macOS, Linus, and Windows

Still the question arises that what makes ASP.Net development so interesting. So, here is why .Net development is known to be a great framework to build modern and highly scalable web applications.

1. Cross-Platform Support

One of the best benefits of .Net development is cross-platform implementation. Though the .Net framework is created to run on Windows applications and tools, it can flawlessly work on many other platforms such as Mac OS, Linux, and more. Hire .Net developers to create native and hybrid apps using .Net. Such apps can run seamlessly on any platform like Android or iOS. Once an app is created, .Net offers the option to use the code anywhere for application development, irrespective of the platform or OS.

2. Open Source Framework

Another reason that makes .Net Core so popular is because of its open source nature. The code of this framework is available on GitHub that enables anyone to review, change, and contribute to the code. Thus, all bug fixes and improvements are fasters and launched regularly so that developers don’t need to wait for long to employ the newest developments. This open source framework’s flexibility is another reason that makes it a top choice of .Net developers.

3. High Performance

Performance is a key factor that nearly every developer focuses on while create web applications. When it comes to .Net framework, great performance is in the limelight. During code compilation, this framework optimizes the code automatically to improve its performance.  Moreover, faster release cycles, new concepts, and upgrades related to space allocation and memory make it an excellent framework for cloud, IoT, and mobile applications. .Net is considered as the best web application development platform at present.

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4. Advanced Features For Programming

The .Net stack has experienced a major overhaul, offering the .Net core a lot of sophisticated features. These features include:

  • Package management
  • Cross-platform architecture
  • Automatic memory management
  • Language independence
  • Garbage collection
  • Asynchronous programming
  • Seamless development of RESTful APIs and MVC web applications

Together, these new features make it faster and easier to create modern and scalable web applications.

5. Razor Pages Facilitate Enhanced Productivity

Razor Pages are a new feature in the latest .Net system. Their aim is to incorporate reliability while creating page-focused environments. A page-based coding via a software development service lets developers to make extraordinary web user interfaces with improved performance. Even the design of the application becomes lesser complicated with razor Pages as every page is self-contained with its specific view. Moreover, the code of every page can be arranged securely and easily.

6. Excellent Tools

The availability of a gamut of outstanding developer tools, like Jetbrains, Resharper, and more make it simpler to create, implement, and test many applications. .Net comes with Visual Studio as well. It is a top IDE to create superior .Net web applications. Visual Studio’s latest version is available with full-fledged and free community edition too.


The above-mentioned reasons should be enough to convince you to use ASP.Net to create new web applications. Now is the right time to design and create amazing web applications that will offer your business or brand a competitive edge using .Net Core.

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