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Soccer is a great way to keep your kids active and release some of their energy in a fun, healthy way. We all know that kids have a seemingly endless amount of energy and luckily soccer is one of the best outlets for it.  If your child is interested in soccer, you’re probably wondering how you can support them in their new hobby. Luckily, we have just the solution. In this blog, we’re going to introduce you to Playform, an app that will help your kids develop their soccer skills. Keep reading to find out how to use Playform to support your child’s soccer journey. 

You’re probably wondering, what is Playform? The short answer is that Playform is a soccer app that helps young soccer players to reach their fullest potential. Its unique technology records data in order to rate players’ progress and provide personalised feedback. Based on a player’s needs, Playform creates a custom training program with everything they need to become a better player. Along with soccer drills and training programs, Playform offers players the opportunity to compete in challenges for the top spot on the leaderboard. By challenging their friends for the highest score, young players are motivated to give it 100%. 

Playform is a soccer app that suits kids of all ages. There’s no need to go trawling the internet for the right soccer coach for your child because Playform is right in your pocket! Playform was created with the goal of creating an equal opportunity for every child to succeed in soccer, and that’s exactly what we do. Your children are always in the best hands with Playform. Created by the most passionate soccer plans, Playform is committed to bringing the best training to the next generation of young soccer fans. Bringing together soccer experts from around the world, Playform is the number one spot for young players. 

Playform offers plenty of great benefits for young players, starting with the ability to sharpen their soccer skills. With top of the range AI technology, players are able to measure themselves in a variety of drills and receive feedback. Dozens of measurements from the Passing, Shooting, Pace, Heading, Dribble and Physical segments help players develop all the important skills of a great soccer player. Every time your child completes a soccer drill, Playform analyses their weaknesses to provide feedback on how they can improve. Accurate and live results delivered straight to their phones allows them to keep track of their progress. Playform is a great tool for kids of all ages and abilities, starting from players just starting out to those with more experience. 

The flexibility of online soccer training means that young players can train anytime and anywhere. We all know the importance of practice when you’re trying to get better at something, and soccer is no different. Unfortunately, recent events have made it harder for young players to train regularly. During the COVID pandemic, lots of soccer training sessions were cancelled due to lockdowns or other restrictions. The benefit of Playform is that players can work on their individual soccer skills wherever and whenever. It allows for all kids to access personalised soccer training, no matter their circumstances. For example, if you’re limited on time or budget, Playform is a great solution. Soccer training often occurs at the same time and day each week but as we know, life often gets in the way. Whether it be an appointment or another event, we’re not always able to make it to practice. Until now, there hasn’t been a technology that can replace the advantages of an in-person soccer coach. That’s where Playform comes in! It offers soccer training at a reduced cost without compromising on quality. Playform offers convenience, value and quality all in one app. You no longer have to worry about rushing the kids to soccer training because their virtual coach is just a few clicks away. 

The wide range of drills available on Playform means that there will always be something suitable for your child. No matter your child’s age, there are plenty of U6, U8, U10 and U12 soccer drills to choose from. Playform’s Whether they want to work on their heading, dribbling, or shooting skills, they’ll be spoiled for choice with Playform. Even if they just want to practice Physical skills, there is a section on Playform that will help them build their strength. Even better, most drills don’t require any special equipment so your kids can jump right in. Playform assesses a players’ strengths and weaknesses in order to create customised training programs based on their individual needs.

Stuck at home with kids that want to practice their soccer skills? Playform has a solution to that too! Our technical soccer drill library has a variety of drills that can be completed at home. Whether your kids prefer to practice juggles, cone drills, or wall kicks, Playform’s at-home drills will keep them entertained on days when you can’t make it to the soccer field. Best of all, Playform adds new soccer drills regularly so your child will never get bored. Playform’s range of drills for U6, U8, U10 and U12 players to be effective, fun, and to help nourish your child’s love for soccer.

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In addition to sharpening their soccer skills, the Playform app helps your child to develop a sense of healthy competition. After all, soccer is all about competition. Playform allows young soccer players to connect with others from around the world and challenge each other for the top score in a range of competitions. This is one of the great things about soccer, it allows kids to develop good sportsmanship.If your child is a soccer fan, help them on their journey to becoming a better player by downloading the Playform app today! We’re sure that you’ll be impressed with the benefits that it will bring to both you and your child. With Playform, the best soccer coach for your child is right in your pocket. 

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