Betting is one of the most popular games played for entertainment since ancient times. It not only involves the satisfaction of winning but also involves real rewards. Usually, betting is played where the cash is at stake. Betting is the game where one loss becomes another win. Rummy is also one sort of betting game with a set of rules. We live in the digital era where tiny needles to huge appliances are available at the touch of a finger. Digitalisation has surely changed the course of the human race in the way nobody assumed was possible. And so is betting. From ancient times to today, the way of betting has been changed. Today betting is more convenient than it ever was. Not only is it easy, but it gives you the comfort of playing it from anywhere, at any time and with anyone (without even knowing their name). The only necessity is Internet connectivity. One can play it on his or her mobile screen with a touch of a finger without being in any physical contact with the other players. 

Rummy : 

Rummy online is a card game where each player gets an equal number of cards from the deck and has to form a sequence to win the game. The Rummy is an online platform that provides you with the opportunity to play rummy on the virtual platform with unknown or known players from all around the world. The rules are straightforward, and one can be played easily with basic tactics. Once the cards are distributed, the remaining cards are kept on the table (face down). As mentioned, in order to win, the player has to form a sequence. Here, face cards and aces are used as wild cards. The player must form at least two sequences in order to win, and there must be a pure sequence in one of them. There are two types of sequence, pure sequence and mix sequence. A pure sequence is a sequence of three or more cards with the same suit. For example – sequence of 7, 8, 9,10  of red hearts. Mix sequence is a sequence of three or more cards with one wild card or different suits. For example – sequence of 3, 4, ace,6, 7 (with similar or different suits) or sequence of 2, 4, 5, 6 with different suits in 13 card rummy. The person who will have the maximum sequence will win at the end. Players are able to withdraw and dispose of one card as per his or her requirements. There is a disposal heap where the cards are open, and one can choose as per his or her requirements. 

Conclusion : 

Rummy is a card game with a simple set of rules. It has many advantages like convenience, comfort, safety, reliability etc. Along with that, it is also legal. Another feature of Rummy is that you can withdraw the cash prize too.  With the experience and proper knowledge of the game, one can earn by playing Rummy. I Hope you will enjoy playing rummy along with the promised safety and precautions. 

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