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During the 50m Wiggersventurebeat the Series Insight Partners took home a total of four first-place finishes. The team also finished in the top three for the other races on the card. As you can imagine, the series is one of the most competitive and rewarding races of the year.


During its Series A funding round, Expedock raised $13.5 million led by Insight Partners. This investment will allow the company to expand its team and expand its technology. Expedock aims to use the funding to hire engineers, account executives and grow its integrations. It expects to have 40 employees by the end of 2022.

Expedock provides an AI-powered automation service that digitizes freight paperwork. This data is then sent to ERP and transportation management systems. It helps companies to reduce inefficiencies and ensure accurate margin visibility when billing shippers. Expedock has customers including ClearFreight, Wayfair, and Ascent. The company also audits invoices against accruals and reconciles documents with third-party websites. Expedock also works with the JUSDA to help shippers manage shipping account statements.

Expedock is a logistics software company that has revolutionized the international freight software industry. This technology eliminates inefficiencies in manual processes. It connects all data sources, allowing for faster, more accurate data. The company also provides a tool to help companies quickly classify freight paperwork into existing logistics management tools.


Using its platform, fast-growing SaaS companies can power complex customer-facing capabilities without hiring an army of engineers. The product enables teams to ship valuable features, while focusing on the core products they’re building.

The platform provides fundamental authentication flows and the tools to manage users throughout the product lifecycle. This includes multifactor authentication, magic links, audit logs, and security policies. In addition, the product provides a self-service portal for building sign-up experiences.

Frontegg is a modern user management platform that powers many of today’s most popular B2B SaaS applications. The company has recently announced $25 million in funding, led by Insight Partners. This new funding will help the company scale the platform and accelerate global expansion. The company will use the funds to accelerate platform development and sales and marketing efforts. It will also build out its engineering team.

The company is also expanding its self-service portal with additional capabilities. The platform features a Users Analytics Dashboard that generates actionable insights and helps companies make data-driven decisions.

Wiggers Venturebeat

Having previously bootstrapped, Kira Systems has now raised a $50M USD minority investment from Insight Venture Partners. The software company develops document review software that uses proprietary machine learning technology to improve the accuracy of document reviews, while also reducing the time it takes to review them. Customers include a large number of leading law firms, as well as large corporations. The company previously raised a $5 million seed round from Blue Ocean, a San Francisco-based investment fund.


As a writer, Kyle Wiggers has appeared in Digital Trends and VentureBeat, and has worked as a reporter at TechCrunch. He lives in Brooklyn with a partner.

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