Michigander’s Favorite Sports

Michigan is well-known for its self-admitted sports fans who love nothing more than tuning in to watch their favorite teams across various sporting disciplines. Here is a look at top sports that Michiganders love:


Now that Michigan online sports betting is legal, more bettors than ever are placing wagers on their favorite football teams to win in the upcoming season. In the NFL (National Football League), Detroit’s Lions have been playing since 1934 and are a fan favorite. Games at Ford Field are booked out within minutes, with many fans opting to buy season tickets to avoid missing a game. Another team that receives plenty of local support is the Green Bay Packers. Fans monitor player transfer news with avid interest to see which football stars will be coming to Michigan. During college football season, Michiganders support the University of Michigan Wolverines and Michigan State Spartans.


College basketball is big business in Michigan, with the Michigan State Spartans and University of Michigan Wolverines being the top two teams. Both have won Top Ten titles, and competition between these two teams is fierce. In NBA (National Basketball Association) action, the Detroit Pistons receive plenty of local support, having won three league championships. Many sports bars and betting institutions are live streaming sports like basketball, much to fans’ delight.

Ice hockey 

As one of America’s northern states that experiences a frigid winter, ice hockey is undoubtedly a favorite sport among Michiganders. The Detroit Red Wings dominate Michigan’s National Hockey League (NHL) teams, playing out of the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit. This team has won 11 Stanley Cups, the most of any American team. It ranks third in the Stanley Cup standings, behind the Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs.


America’s favorite pastime has a large following in Michigan. The state’s most successful MLB (Major League Baseball) team is the Detroit Tigers, a more than a century-old team that has brought four World Series Titles home in its illustrious history. Games at Comerica Park are a popular way for many Michigan families to spend a day out while enjoying some top-class baseball.

NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing)

Around America, NASCAR is a popular sport, and Michigan is no exception. During the season, Michigan hosts two series events at Brooklyn’s MIS (Michigan International Speedway), known for being one of the fastest tracks in NASCAR. NASCAR lovers gather in their hundreds to enjoy that unique buzz and excitement that this sport generates. The unexpected events that make NASCAR a drama-filled sport appeals to many Michiganders who follow it fervently. Sportsbook operators see a marked increase in betting activity during NASCAR season, with many residents wagering on race outcomes.

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