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Fans of superheroes in latex suits and armor made from alloys of non-existent materials have long been waiting for a good game of “The Avengers”. Seasoned gamers may remember  Marvel: Ultimate Alliance , but it came out in the years that have been begged for in memes. Gamers have high hopes for the game from F95zone. The success of  Marvel’s Spider-Man  has shown what can happen if studios are on a good budget and aren’t kicked hard in development. What happened with the authors of Marvel’s Avengers can soon be checked by everyone – the beta test will take place throughout August on all platforms. We joined the superhero squad a little earlier. And now we are a little scared – it seems that the villain in the new game will not be the formidable MODOK, but Captain Boredom.

Prologue and Abomination

Beta Marvel’s Avengers begins with a prologue, which the developers presented the game at E3 2019. The Avengers are preparing to celebrate the existence of their loved ones and hold the so-called A-Day, but some villains are causing a stir on the Golden Gate Bridge. A squad of superheroes goes on a seemingly standard sweep, but “a normal day at the office” quickly turns into real Hell. While Taskmaster and his charges were distracting the Avengers, someone drowned a helicarrier with Captain America on board, and at the same time blew up the ship’s reactor. The blast wave covered the city, sowing destruction and death. Who is guilty? “Of course, the Avengers,” the people’s court decides and sends the heroes into five-year exile.

Despite the fact that the video has long spoiled all the events of the prologue, this mission and the main task for the Hulk add up to perhaps the most memorable event in the beta. The fight on the Golden Gate Bridge looks like it was directed by Joss Whedon and looks like a fragment from the first “Avengers”with a continuous flight of the camera from one superhero to another. Players are given a little control over each of the legendary five, which includes Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, and the Hulk. Despite the constant tooltips (this is still a learning stage), the prologue is very dynamic. While Natasha blunts Taskmaster, who is trying to throw her off in flight, Iron Man catches the falling cars, and the Hulk and Thor are trying to prevent the destruction of the bridge. The episode ends with a boss fight and a sense of childlike delight for any Marvel fan . It’s like you’re a dad who bought your child a radio-controlled helicopter and don’t give him the controller.

HARM and the Avengers

After defeating the Abomination, Banner and Khan return to the destroyed helicarrier, where the player opens a training room with the exciting name of HARM, as well as a world map on which the tasks available for passing are marked. In the beta, you cannot immediately cooperate with other players until you have passed the test level in the training room. It is not known what the developers will come up with in the final version, but so far HARM seems to be an excellent platform for quickly gaining levels. Three workouts helped to pump Iron Man to the maximum and unlock all the abilities of a millionaire, playboy and philanthropist in an armored suit available in beta.

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While we’re on the subject of characters. This seems to be one of the greatest strengths of Marvel’s Avengers . The characters really feel unique. In Insomniac ‘s Spider-Man , players had one friendly neighbor with a variety of melee and ranged attacks. In Marvel’s Avengers, only at the start there will be six superheroes with their own skills and animation of attacks. The least spectacular is the Hulk. The big green man can only destroy that, waving his big arms. However, no one expects somersaults from him – for acrobatics you need to go to the Black Widow. Although the heroine does not look like Scarlett Johansson, she rides no worse than her stunt doubles in the film. Kamala has good animation – arms and legs are stretched, and when hitting, they increase in size. It seems that you are playing some kind of Battletoads like Huniepop 2 in 3D.

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War Zones and Drop Zones

The authors of Marvel’s Avengers promise about 80 tasks in the final version, which will be broken down into seven different types. Players are waiting for story / heroic missions, challenges like boss battles and storming fortifications, and so on, up to raids that they promise to add after the release. In the beta version, in addition to the story missions, cooperative trials were available – War Zones and Drop Zones, that is, “War Zones” and “Landing Zones”. Like most missions, they are available for passing in cooperative mode. Four people can go on an adventure. If it is not possible to find comrades-in-arms, the AI ​​will take control. Note that heroes cannot repeat themselves, so do not expect a fun raid of four Tony Starks.

Drop Zones are quick missions that start right at the AIM complex. Players must complete a simple challenge. For example, activate and hold three points or defeat all enemies. The tasks are faded and completed very quickly. The AIM complexes were built by the favorite architect of the villains and represent the classic “cold style of the mega-corporation of evil.” Long corridors with glass, most often not breaking panels, office furniture and, of course, large rooms guarded by hundreds of soldiers, in which villainous experiments are carried out.

Briefly about other features

  • The outfit screen made fun of on the net is actually not that complicated. In total, four parameters are responsible for the strength of the character. When you hover over the gear received in battle, the game displays the changes in the characteristics of the hero. Unnecessary items can be disassembled, legendary and rare items can be pumped using resources. For lazy people there is a button “Boku no Pico“;
  • there is a lot of fan service in the game. Old comic book covers, references, costumes. True Marvel fans should be satisfied;
  • microtransactions only affect the appearance of the character. You can change the costume, superhero profile icon, purchase an emote.Read More About:  foumovie

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