Locations to Visit When in Little Rock

Little Rock is a prized jewel in the crown of Arkansas.  Sitting as the state capital, it has more going for it than more people could believe.  Low property costs, friendly locals, weather that stays comfortable year-round, and endless incredible views all combine into a city you’ll fall in love with at first sight.

If you’re visiting and aren’t sure where to start, here are the top locations to check out so you can let loose and have fun.

Little Rock Zoo

Take a walk on the wild side and marvel at over 800 species of animals in one location!  This zoo was built in the 1920s and has kept up the excellent quality and intrigue nonstop for the last hundred years.  With indoor and outdoor exhibits, you can enjoy some sunshine with gorillas and orangutans, or sneak away inside where penguins and multiple aquatic creatures will stun and delight any visitor!

Arkansas State Capitol

If you’re curious about the history of Arkansas, you’re not alone!  The Arkansas state capitol building is one of the top-visited points of interest in the state.  Guided tours will walk you through the detailed history, beautiful art made by and for locals, and stories about the condition you won’t find anywhere else. But, of course, you’ll want to become a part of this living history just walking through these halls; nobody would blame you if you left and immediately started looking at Little Rock houses for sale.

William J. Clinton Library and Museum

This museum is dedicated to the 42nd president of the United States and is proud to show off an extensive collection of information about his life.  As the residential library of this former president, it has tours, informational booths, and the Clinton Presidential Library, the offices of the Clinton Foundation, and the University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service.  Intriguing architecture, and an enthusiasm that’s hard to find elsewhere, will keep any visitor entertained.

Pinnacle Mountain State Park

If you need a break and want to step away from all educational buildings and see nature in person, Pinnacle Mountain State Park is where to go.  Beautiful views of the mountains, rivers, and valleys that seem to go on forever will keep you inspired, while the paths will let you work off any extra energy you might have.  The multiple trails, beautiful views, and endless sprawling nature make this a top stop for anyone who wants to see the genuinely gorgeous side of Arkansas that the locals all know well.

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Historic Arkansas Museum

Also known as ‘The HAM,’ this museum is a cornerstone of creativity and history in Arkansas.  With its history winding and attractive, there’s a lot it has to offer any curious visitor.  Breathtaking statues welcome you into the building, while the rooms themselves are more private and allow you to feel genuinely swallowed by the past and the creativity of the locals.  If you want to get to know Arkansas intimately, this is the place to go.  Not only is it an obligatory stop for any students in the area, but vacationers should also be sure to add this to their ‘must stop’ list as well.

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