It Seems Mbappe Did Not Want Neymar Out

One of the biggest talking points among Ligue 1 fans was the supposed antagonism within the team between Neymar and Kylian Mbappe. Amidst various shortcomings during the previous season, some speculated that Mbappe wanted his Brazillian colleague out as a condition for him remaining on the roster. We remind you that Mbappe did reject a proposal from Real Madrid. The latter wanted him on their team for a long time and waited for an opportune moment. Another time…

Neymar’s troubled French adventures

The Salecao player has seen only bad luck since his signing with PSG. The first season was tainted with an injury that forced him to skip a round of 16 matches against Manchester United after which Neymar insulted referees for issuing a penalty. UEFA had to suspend the player for three more games making the season quite a disappointment for many fans of the Brazilian.

The 2020-2021 season started with a suspension from PSG and another injury that left him on the bench for several games. It was a good season in general, but the bitter aftertaste ruined an otherwise victorious year when Neymar lifted his third league title due to the premature cancellation of the rest of the season due to the pandemic.

The last season’s campaign was also a very difficult one. Neymar was heavily criticized by fans and rumors about some bad blood between him and Mbappe. The rejection of Madrid’s offer was also a pint of oil thrown into the fire.

Rumors turned out to be rumors

Campos, who joined the club in June, said that no one talked about removing Neymar from the roster and that many players consider him a very valuable part of the team. Campos specifically said that Neymar has been training with the team vigorously.

It seems that one of the influential people who immediately quieted all talks surrounding the potential departure of the Brazilian superstar is Christophe Galtier who joined the club as its new manager on July 22. He replaced Mauricio Pochettino and started the season strong with 9 wins and 1 draw immediately pushing the club to the top position.

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