How to ventilate a garage with no windows

If your home garage has no ventilation windows, you know what kind of problems it can cause in the hot season. The windows allow the necessary light and air to enter the garage, which is useful for maintaining the garage environment. But unfortunately, not all garages have windows. Proper ventilation is essential to maintain the humidity and temperature of the garage. If there are no windows, the hot air stored in the garage cannot get out on a hot day. The accumulated hot air damages the expensive valuables inside the garage. Since there are no windows inside the garage, you need to arrange artificial cooling. To keep the humidity right, you need to measure how much cold air is needed inside the garage.

Before installing an air cooling system in the garage, you need to know how much time you will spend in the garage. Or how much temperature is needed to store expensive valuables? You can watch various videos on YouTube on how to create artificial air to create a cool environment. You will find the necessary tutorial here on youtube and google.

You can use portable options or a permanent solution for cooling your garage without a window. Let’s look at some of these methods.

Open the garage door

Unfortunately, your home garage doesn’t have windows, but it does have one or more doors. You can open the garage door by thinking that the air inside the garage cannot get out on a hot day due to a lack of windows. If the garage has a small door other than the car entrance, you can open it. The heated air will escape when the door is open, and the necessary light will enter the garage. If your home is located on the north side of the garage, cold air will enter through the door in the late afternoon.

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Add powerful fans which are portable

Depending on the size of your garage, you can install more than one high-power fan. Using a fan keeps the overall temperature inside the garage cool. The cold air emitted from the fan pushes out the hot air inside.

Set up a portable air conditioner

Placing air conditioners in windowless garages is considered to be the most useful and effective method. The installation of air conditioners helps keep hot air out just as it keeps the indoor environment cool.

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Add insulation

The reason for the extreme heat inside the garage is because there is not enough space. If you want to keep the overall temperature inside the garage cool, you must make insulation.

Consider the colour

The interior of the garage and the colour of the roof control a lot of the cooling system. As much as white can absorb temperature and keep the room cool, black cannot. So as a permanent solution, you can change the colour of the interior of the garage.

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Install a Ceiling fan or mini-split air conditioner

To get the most effective service, you can choose an industrial-strength fan ahead of the residential version. By installing a ceiling fan or Ac, you can make the garage interior environment cooler.

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