Moving you home is such a cumbersome process and the huge process includes a lot of difficult tasks to complete. Luckily there are moving companies available offering you all the services that you need to get and they will assist you throughout the entire process. But as they come with a high price tag, many people choose to do a lot of moving-related tasks by themselves as they can pay only for partial services. One of the greatest ways to reduce related costs is by getting the best moving quotes from different companies so you can pick the right one.

So, when performing several jobs, one of the difficult tasks of relocation is packing and moving the sports equipment. As the tools are more prone to damage, therefore, they need special care, attention, and guidance. If you are looking for tips how to do this effectively then check out this guide:

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Disinfect the sports equipment: 

Before you pack and move the sports equipment it is necessary to disinfect them. Take a piece of cloth and a sports equipment cleaning solution. Now take out all your sports accessories such as a yoga mat, dumbbells, yoga blocks, weights, and other accessories and wipe them out using the cloth soaked in the cleaning solution. If you want to wash your gum wear then always use hot water and qualitative washing powder. Also, clean the gym machines. Pay more attention to the surfaces that are frequently touched by you when working out on the machines.

Get the right packing supplies 

When you are not sure where to start the process then start with getting the raw materials. Make an inventory of all the tools you need to relocate so that you can get to know how many boxes and other packing items you will require. This also lets you know how much time will be required for the entire process or do you also possess any items which require additional packing skills to transport them with complete safety.

Packing and Moving the Sports Equipment: 

Yoga accessories

Get the carton boxes to pack the light-weight sports equipment such as yoga mats and towels. The size of the carton box must be big enough to pack all these items comfortably. It is suggested to roll up the mats and towels before you place them in the boxes so that they consume less space. For yoga blocks, use bubble wrap or packing paper to pack them. To secure the place of yoga accessories in the carton during the transit it is recommended to fill in the gaps using newspaper or padding material.

Free weights 

To pack the free weights all you need is bubble wrap, packing paper, and moving boxes. First, wrap them using bubble wrap so that their surface doesn’t get scratched. Then cover the weights with the packing paper to provide an extra layer of protection. Now that your free weights are properly protected, place them in the moving boxes. Remember not to place all your free weights in the single cardboard box making it too heavy to carry or handle the weight. When loading the boxes having your free weights in the truck, secure them properly in their place because weights coming loose in the transit can damage your other belongings.

Elliptical Machine

The elliptical machine is too bulky and its unique shape makes it quite difficult for the movers to pack and move to the new place. To protect this particular equipment from scratches or any other damage it is always better to wrap it using blankets. When planning to shift your elliptical machine you can either opt to disassemble all its parts or can ask the moving company to carry the machine out of your house using a furniture dolly.


Before you start packing and moving the treadmill just go through the user manual to know its overall weight and if it is equipped with a visible lock or unlocks the system. Now that treadmill and bulky it is impossible to move it without professional help. Therefore, it is recommended to hire professional movers to pack and move the treadmill. They are acquainted with the skills, packing material, and equipment needed to move the treadmill without causing any damage to it. In case you are thinking of shifting your treadmill on your own, then you will have to disassemble it and use the furniture dolly to move all dissembled parts.

Wrapping it all up!!!

Now you have the right tips to pack most of the items so you can pack these with ease. So, relax and enjoy your relocation process, everything will be just fine. It is recommended you unpack these as soon as possible as you reach your new home to ensure that everything is in the right condition.

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