How to make a love talisman

Today we’re going to tell you how to make a love talisman (to be more precise, several love talismans), since it’s one of the most popular requests we’ve received from our readers. To make it easier for you, we’ve selected recipes from different branches of magic which don’t require special skills or knowledge. Before making a talisman, some preparations should be made, which takes about a month. To begin with, get rid of your negative energy, fast, and overcome your fear of failing or ending up alone. Get your emotions under control as negative emotions are like rust destroying your energy integrity and preventing you from making a high-quality talisman. Remember that making a talisman is just part of the work. When it’s ready, you should work hard to establish good contact with it to promote energy exchange. You should also connect your talisman to the energy of your loved one through your dreams, meditations and visualization. You can read about the preparations to make in our previous articles. On our blog you can also find information about how to activate and charge magical items and link them to third party energies. So today we’ll focus solely on love talisman production.​

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How to make a talisman for love

Before we teach you how to make a talisman for love, let’s remember what Haitian magic is. According to Haitian magic, there are two types of talismans: some talismans are to be hidden in the house of one’s loved one to connect this person to one’s energy, while others (which you keep at your place or wear around your neck or wrist) allow you to control another person’s emotional, spiritual and sexual bodies remotely.

A talisman which you should plant at the target’s house can be made from a handkerchief. Wash it, dry it, and put it in your pocket without ironing. Carry it in your pocket for about three to four weeks. Then spread it on the table. Perform the ritual on the first Friday of a waxing moon. Put four coins on the corners of the handkerchief and put two red candles and two white candles on top of the coins (diagonally) and light them  bundlenews

Meditate for 20 minutes thinking about the person you love and your future together. Take one candle and drip some wax on the coin it was standing on and then in the middle of the handkerchief. Blow the candle out and put it away. Repeat with the other candles. When you’re done with the candles (keep them close at hand as you’ll need them later), draw the first letter of your name on the wax which is still soft using a sharp stick. You should draw five letters in total – one on the wax in the middle of the handkerchief and one on each of the coins.

While the wax in the middle is still soft, put a lock of your hair and five nail clippings arranged in a star-shaped pattern on it and press them down. Then apply some saliva to your finger and draw a circle around it. Put the coins inside the circle one by one (the side with the wax up). Tie the ends of the handkerchief tightly and hide the bundle in the target’s house as soon as possible (the same day!). The target should fall in love with you shortly and you’ll be together until the talisman is found.

Now let us tell you about one more way how to make a love talisman. This method involves voodoo magic. Take a picture with the target and perform your ritual the same day. Print the picture out and cut out a heart with your faces. Fold the heart, put it on a silver coin, and drip some yellow (if you want sex) or red (if you want an emotional attachment) candle wax. Work with the talisman like with any other magic item. A detailed description of the steps to take is provided in our previous articles.​

Also, you can make a love talisman with some raw amber. The difference between raw and polished amber is that there is a rough outer coating on raw amber. No special skills are needed. Just rub the amber between your hands for about thirty minutes every evening repeating the name of the person you love and visualizing your future with this person.

Amber is relatively soft and is easily polished. After a while you’ll notice the coating looks thinner and eventually it’ll be gone completely. When the coating is gone, heat a new needle over the flame of three candles twisted together. If you’ve been reading our blog for a while, you know how to twist magical candles together. A red-hot needle will pierce through the amber leaving a hole in it. Put a lace through the hole. While the needle is hot, draw the target’s name on the amber and wear the talisman around your neck. The target will develop some feelings for you shortly. If you draw your husband’s name on the talisman, it’ll ensure he never cheats on you and never falls out of love with you. Your relationships will be strong and loving as long as you keep the talisman intact.

If the person you love likes coffee, you can make a powerful talisman using the coffee grounds left in his cup. Collect the coffee grounds in a gold thimble (carry one with you waiting for the right moment), add three hairs – one from your scalp, one from your armpit, and one from your pubic area, and seal the coffee grounds with hot candle wax tightly. Roll the hairs which are too long to fit in the thimble.

Put the talisman in a box with your picture attached to the bottom inside and the target’s picture attached to the top inside as well. Open the box every evening and whisper three times:

“My loved one (the target’s name) can’t live without me (your name) like he can’t without coffee. Thoughts about me (your name) will wake you (the target’s name) up like coffee does. You (the target’s name) will want me (your name), day and night, like coffee makes you want to live. I’ve taken the thimble off my finger, locked it up in the box, cast my love spell on you.”

The target should respond to this spell in about two weeks. Check more :tunai4d

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