How to Drive Traffic to Your Landing Page

The landing page refers to the page when a visitor lands on it through a click from another digital platform or reference. For example, your visitors can visit your landing page if they saw a relevant social media post carrying the link to a landing page, an ad from an influencer’s video, or an email newsletter they just received. 

Furthermore, if you want to drive more traffic to your landing page, you will need to design strategies to lead your followers from social media to your landing page. Or you can use the help of influencers on Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube to direct viewers to your landing page. Last, but least, the most tested way to drive traffic to your landing page is to send newsletters to your page subscribers and remind them of you and your brand. 

Send newsletters

If you have previously gathered data from your customers, such as email addresses, you can give it a shot and send a newsletter to them. Your newsletters can be about recent updates, new products, special offers, or bonuses. You can include a link to your landing page, thus driving more traffic to it. Moreover, there they will finalize their purchase and you will not only increase traffic but also get higher chances of generating more conversions than ever. 

If your direction is B2B then you can target potentially interested people. Let’s say your marketing department wants to share information on how to start an e-commerce business, and you share the recent updates on Etsy fees or tips on how to develop an Amazon shop. You can send a newsletter to other businesses, letting them know about the updates, and lead them to your landing page where they will get a discount. 

Integrate influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is rapidly growing these days. You can find influencers from your sphere whose opinion matters to a large group of people that might be interested in your business. 

You can collaborate with influencers. Your collaboration will be supposed to include your brand in their promotional videos. In the caption section, they can include the link to your landing page, and if the viewer is interested in the content, they will click the link included in the caption. 

Whoever lands on your page through the link shared by the influencer, contributes to the increase of landing page traffic. You can always check search engine traffic stats to see how you should navigate your strategy for the best outcomes.

Use the power of social media

The use of social media can give you a chance to drive more people to your landing page. All you need to do is to include the link in your social media content plan. For example, you can share a catchy phrase, include the link, and attach a visual that goes will the context. If catchy, people will click on the link and arrive at your landing page, helping you drive more traffic to your landing page. 

Or you can include the link to your Instagram Stories, and your target audience if interested in your offer, may click the link and appear on your landing page. Just two examples, but using the power of social media is a great way to drive more traffic to your landing page and increase your sales. 

Wrapping up 

Landing pages are great for increasing sales and growing revenues. But first, you will need to drive more traffic to your landing page. 

There are several ways for that. The most common ones, as well as the tested ones, would include sharing your landing page’s link through newsletters, social media, and influencers. 

Whatever way you choose for driving traffic to your landing page make sure you carefully design the landing page and include CTAs to eventually increase sales. 

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