How are the cards dealt in the Blackjack?

At the beginning of each game, the dealer deals two cards to the players. Subsequently, players are offered additional cards to these two cards, but the player can decide whether to accept them or not. The main objective of blackjack is that the player manages to collect the sum of points that is as close as possible to the number 21, but must not exceed this number at the same time. In the game, the one of the players who manages to get to this number closest wins.

In the event that a player manages to exceed this 21-point limit, such a player is referred to as a “trop”.

If there is a situation where the status of points is tied, in this case, none of the players becomes the winner of the game. Given that the dealer plays against each of the participating players individually, it is possible that he will win over some of these players, and with others he will not succeed and lose.

When the situation arises that all of the players sitting at the table have finished their game, the dealer himself comes to the board. The latter, in comparison with all players, is in a rather disadvantaged position. If the sum of his cards is less than 17, the dealer must draw another card. In the event that the sum of his cards is greater than 17, he cannot draw any more cards and must end his game. In the event that the sum of his cards exceeds 21, all those players whose sum of points is less than 21 become the winner of the game. If the dealer managed to get a blackjack, that is, the sum of the card points worth 21, all players who also got a blackjack in the game end up in a tie.

The player has several options to choose from during his turn, as we mentioned above. He can stand and draw no card, he can take one card, or he can double the bet. In case of doubling his bet, he receives another card from the dealer and the game ends. Above we explained the basics of the rules of the card game called Blackjack. As we mentioned, blackjack enjoys a really high popularity, basically all over the world. This game is a solid part of the offer of perhaps every casino, and in recent years, more and more players are finding their way to its online version. If you are looking for a quality and fun card game, blackjack will definitely be the right choice for you.

The game called poker is known to everyone in the world who has ever been at least a little interested in card or casino games. Poker is clearly the most popular and widespread among card games. Poker can be found in every corner of the world and especially in recent years he was able to win the favor of a really large number of players in the country. Even here you can find a really wide offer in the field of poker, whether it is available versions of poker or poker tables in casinos where you can play this game.

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