Going Through the Virginia Workers’ Comp Process: Dealing with the Insurance Adjuster

Workers who sustain injuries on the job must seek prompt medical attention and claim benefits. During the claims process, they might deal with a workers’ compensation adjuster who will handle their claim. The claims adjuster will collect information on the workplace accident and the extent of the worker’s injury. They will get in touch with the employee, check on their recovery, and look friendly. But injured workers should take the job of the adjuster seriously. Although the adjuster may seem corned about the interest of the injured worker, they are only focused on saving the insurance provider some money.  If you sustained work-related injuries, a Virginia workers compensation attorney can help you with the claims process and ensure you receive maximum compensation. 

Common Tricks Insurance Adjusters Use

Workers’ comp insurance adjusters employ some tactics when investigating, negotiating, and settling claims. Although the majority of these tactics are legal, they can weaken your claim and leave you with less compensation than you are entitled to. Below are some tricks they use:

  • Asking you to provide them with a signed or recorded statement. The adjuster will try to get you to admit to details that can be used against you later. They may use your signed or recorded statement to evaluate whether you are financially struggling and willing to accept their initial offer, which is usually far less than what you expect to get. 
  • Asking you to sign a medical records release form. When you sign this form, you authorize the adjuster to access your previous medical records that have nothing to do with your current work-related injury. They will use any information they can get against your claim. 
  • Discouraging you from hiring a lawyer. The adjuster might say hiring an attorney will only slow down the claims process. However, the truth is that having an attorney on your side will increase your chances of getting maximum compensation for your job-related injuries.
  • Making a quick lowball settlement offer. To reduce the insurance company’s expenses, the adjuster will offer you a smaller settlement as quickly as possible before you can hire a lawyer and understand how much compensation you deserve. 

Get in Touch with an Experienced Lawyer

If you have been harmed on the job, the workers’ compensation benefits you may get may be a necessary lifeline during this tough time. Thus, you must not take the claims process lightly. When you are contacted by an insurance adjuster, it is best to direct any communication with them to your attorney. 

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