Going For a Divorce? Who Will Get the Child Custody?

During the divorce trials, if a couple has children, both parents have an equal right to get child custody. It is not dependent on the sex or any other biases, and the decision will be made keeping in mind what is best for the child. Depending on the child’s future and mental and physical health, the court will decide which parent should raise them. The option is either one of you or both. 

Dealing with parents’ divorces is never easy for children; dealing with separation from either parent might just push them off the edge. To ensure your child has a secure future and happy life after divorce, contact Karp & Iancu, S.C. immediately and know your rights to keep your child with you.

Now the question is, who gets child custody after a divorce? Below are a few ways to determine the chances of getting child custody. 

  • Joint Custody

In joint custody, both parents have equal rights in the child’s life. Therefore, both the parents will have an equal say on major decisions related to the child’s life. These significant decisions include education, health care choices, and which religion the child will adopt. 

Moreover, parents will also decide about any extracurricular activities the child wants to participate in and at what age the child will start to drive or date.

If the parents cannot agree on familiar terms, the court will give the decision-making power to only one parent. However, the parents will have every right to spend equal time with the child and share their religious beliefs as long as it does not harm the child.Latest Website magazineview 

  • Sole custody 

The other option is sole custody, which involves the child spending their maximum time with one parent, and that parent will take all the critical decisions. Therefore, the child will spend most of his time with one parent. However, the other parent can meet the child for a certain period, termed ‘visitation.’

Considered aspects while deciding on custody

Over 90% of the child custody cases are settled by the parent’s mutual consent to keep the child. So it is because the parents must come on common grounds for child custody and who will make the crucial decisions of the child’s life.

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However, if the parents fail to achieve common grounds, the judge will decide who should get custody. The fundamental reason for the judge to determine who should get the child custody is which parent has been more responsible for raising the child. 

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