Fighting Loot Boxes in Different Countries

Various global governments are putting forth better strategies to curb the activities that go against online gambling laws. They do that by enacting policies that make them extinct. Although some operators are ever doing everything possible to satisfy the players’ needs, the European governments are doing much to ban gambling and even treat it as a mental illness. They have extended their efforts into investigating loot boxes and establishing reports relating to them.

Many proposals have also come up to help control the area. But that’s the shallow perception of it. Various countries have their ways of fighting the loot boxes. Our gaming expert Michelle Thomas (view the profile), will help you understand more about loot boxes and how various countries are fighting them. Read on to understand.

What are loot boxes?

It refers to a consumable virtual item that is also redeemable to receive a randomized selection of items. Some of the virtual items include game-changing equipment such as armour and weapons. It’s a monetization form where the players buy boxes or receive them directly during a play or after a game. They have been available since 2004 and have been part of some of the free games. They also appear in fully paid games.

For a long time, the systems used in loot boxes became the new order, allowing the game developers and casinos to profit from the dollars they were getting from the buyers. The majority of those who loved loot boxes were ardent casino players.

Even though there are stringent measures by the global gambling authorities regarding loot boxes, there is still much to be done. Various countries, including Canada, have their way of controlling loot boxes.

Here is how various countries fight loot boxes


Belgium is among the first countries that did not give loot boxes a chance. It moved swiftly to ban it. It’s a no joke country, especially when it comes to matters of gambling regulations. The ban was put in 2018 when other countries hadn’t decided on what they would do concerning them.

However, the Belgium regulator of online gaming did not restrict the trade-in items. That gave the casino gaming traders room to do business and make profits the same way Canadian gambling authorities allowed casino sites, like Betsafe,  to operate with minimal restrictions.


The French-speaking nation is among those that do not have an option. They don’t know whether it is a great idea to ban loot boxes or leave them. The surprising aspect of it is that they admit to the violation of EU gaming regulations.

However, they suggest that a committee should be convened to determine the fate of loot boxes. That will also help determine the exact status of loot boxes. Despite such proposals, ARJEL which is the French gambling regulator believes that the loot boxes operate under similar principles as those of game machines making it difficult for them to ban them.


Even though the country has been positive in its approaches to citizens’ needs, it’s tough on gaming regulations. While they have slightly favourable rules that regulate gambling activities, they are not relenting on loot boxes.

As such, loot boxes have no luck in the country. It does not allow the loot boxes considering that it leads to addiction and affects teenagers negatively. Loot Boxes alongside other dealers have been prohibited, leaving them with no room for their major operations in the Netherlands’ territory.


The countries that have banned loot boxes previously have smaller populations, with the teenagers being few. But that’s not the case with China, whose population is bigger because it has a larger population that risks getting addicted to loot boxes.

Regardless of such risks, it has a different approach to loot boxes. It allows it to operate provided it distinguishes itself from illegal activities. That’s not only the situation in China but also in the entire Asian region.

From the above, it’s evident that various countries have their way of approaching loot boxes. That’s also considering the impact it has on them. But the majority of the countries have stringent measures against the loot boxes, and that signifies that they (loot boxes) might not have a bright future. But that should not hold you back if you like the equipment from the loot box.

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