Can you File a Claim without a Police Report in Atlanta

Every car accident is insignificant, and filing a police complaint about minor road accidents seems irrelevant. You can still claim compensation for the damage caused. The insurance company can not deny your claim based on the absence of a police report. The top-rated Atlanta car accident law firm can help you in this case. This blog will discuss whether you can file for the claim without a police report in Atlanta. Let us start-

Is Police Report Legally Required

Filing a Police Report is advisable in car accidents involving injuries, death, or significant damage. Most of the time, people do not report minor accidents to the police, but if required, you must file a police report within twenty-four hours.

Benefits of a Police Report

Although it is not essential to file a police report for the claim, it has added benefits to get the compensation quickly. It serves as evidence to prove other drivers’ negligence to the insurance company. Another benefit is that the police record statements of the accident witnesses, which can help you confirm your claim.

Impact of a Missing Police Report

Even though the insurance company can not reject your claim if you have not filed a police report, lacking this key evidence could affect your claim. The insurance company will have no evidence to support your claim, and passengers in your vehicle can not be fair witnesses in front of the insurance company.

Process of Filling a Claim without a Police Report

If you are not at fault for the accident, file the claim with another driver’s insurance company. Do not take any cash payment from the driver responsible for the accident, and do not take any verbal promises of payment from anybody. Share the complete information regarding the claim with the other driver.

File your Claim

You can file the compensation claim yourself or take help from a car accident Attorney. An attorney will file the claim with all the documents, calculate the amount of all the damages, and collect the evidence to prove that the accident was another driver’s fault.


Not all accidents occur due to your fault, and you can file the claim with another driver’s insurance company to claim your damages. Do not wait to file the claim for too long. If required, file a police report in time to support your claim.

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