A Buyers Guide: Four Top-Picked Alpina Watches In The Market

Alpina is a Swiss watch manufacturer that saw its foundation in the late 1800s. Citizen Holdings, located in Japan, now owns the firm, which specializes in Swiss-made sports watches. Alpina watches compete in the same market area as Tissot, Certina, and Hamilton and takes credit as an entry-level Swiss brand.

More importantly, these timepieces are for men and women who perform in harsh outdoor conditions, and they refer to their admirers as Alpinists. Skiers, snowboarders, and deep-sea divers are among the company’s ambassadors.

Alpina Alpiner AL-240NS4E6

The Alpina collection sees a division into three sections; Land, Air, and Sea. The Alpiner AL-240NS4E6 is part of the Land collection, and the maker describes it as “pure.” It’s pure throughout the notion that it embodies the Alpina mission of creating a simple utility watch that’s easy to read and wear.

The sapphire crystal confirms that this is a quartz watch that will endure as long as the original Alpina 4 models. A water-resistance of 100 meters makes a familiar appearance, which is excellent for looking used as an aspect of an active social life.

The Alpiner has a 42mm broad face with a lovely blue sun-ray display, which is about as wide as a watch of this type can get. Simple hands and markings adorn the watch, and the plan initiatives at six o’clock are easy to overlook unless you’re looking for it.

Alpina Seastrong Heritage AL-525S4H6

The Seastrong Heritage is a monumental part of an infamous collection. Moreover, it strives to look like the Supercompressor timepieces from the later part of the sixties. Although it seems like the Seastrong ten from 1969, it’s not an authentic tribute or reissue.

The Seastrong Heritage has a friendly structure featuring a 9mm-diameter case. More importantly, its features are more extensive than its predecessors. The originating style of the watch boasts a strong appearance, with the characteristic twin crowns catching everyone’s attention. Further, the succeeding crown is an excellent contrast to an outer-rotating bezel.

Due to its automatic complication, it’s one of the more costly Alpina models on the market right now. The ever-reliable caliber AL-525 is a Swiss-based complication taking inspiration from earlier iterations.

The small touches of detail littered throughout the watch speak volumes about the timeless design. Simultaneously, the alternating crown, for example, is cross-hatched in the style of the original prototypes.

The Alpina emblem stays parallel with an identical one on the midnight marker. The crystal housing features a sapphire construction and a total of 300 meters of water resistance. In addition, the relatively bare hands and markings make for a great complement. More importantly, this is a traditional yet unrivaled timepiece that pays homage to its forefathers.

Alpina Startimer Pilot AL-240S4S6

The Startimer is a timepiece from the crowd-favorite Air collection. Indeed, significant designs for Aviators dedicate a heavy emphasis on a German invention. However, the watch that appeals to people the most is the unique design that differs slightly from the standard black variants.

The elegant yet purely white dial keeps the aviator watch design alive but with extra flair, at 42mm. The quarter-hour red markings and army-green straps usually feature themselves on military-production units of the watch. However, it isn’t uncommon for these units on mass-produced watches for the general public.

The result is a unique yet harmonious symphony of aviation and innovation, albeit with extra special touches. Indeed, because it is a quartz watch, creating miniature models can go as small as 9mm. Moreover, pilots favor accuracy over durability, therefore eliminating the need for extensive water resistance.

Alpina Seastrong Diver AL-525LBBR4U4

A standard design among vintage-inspired timepieces is a diver with a cushion-style case. It follows a rustic architecture rooting back to the company’s origins. It’s a robust diver watch, with sleek lines instead of the usual curves seen on the familiar competition.

This bronze PVD case variant has a prominent crown, hands, and a frayed leather band for a distinctive look. More importantly, when ancient aesthetics blend expertly with modern technology, the final product hits that goldilocks zone.
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The proprietary complication is a Sellita-based Swiss-caliber and powers the watch effortlessly. More importantly, it is a stunning performance that reveals itself through the rear of the display. Finally, the watch is an attractively designed item with excellent specifications and Swiss craftsmanship.


Alpina Watches is a famous timepiece marque formed by a group of Swiss watchmakers. Working together for mutual benefit and under the direction of Gottlieb Hauser, they created the Alpina name or its unmistakable red triangle insignia.

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Although Citizen now owns the brand, it is still manufactured within Switzerland in a specific facility as Frederique Constant. These Swiss timepieces have movements and designs for those who follow an active lifestyle. Some of the Alpina watches are reproductions of the company’s early compositions, giving them a distinct vintage vibe.

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