A Beginner’s Guide to the UEFA Champions League and What It Is About

After the Champions League, the Europa League is the second largest European football tournament, but its activities are not less fascinating and impressive. Therefore, there is also a massive audience of football lovers.

Forty-eight teams from different countries create 12 groups from the group stage according to the game’s rules. This online sporting service allows the follow-up of the latest match statistics, popular news, following game schedules and forecasts.

Briefly about the tournament

The Europa League is an annual international football event involving clubs. It was established as the UEFA Cup in 1971 and renamed the event in 2009.

Its primary characteristic is that it is not the top clubs of Europe but mid-level teams at this event. These clashes often result in somewhat surprising and spectacular results. Many football fans are interested in them.

The rules for the competition are attractive as well. Every team in the group has six games. There are a total of 48 clubs in 12 categories. Two teams from each group make it to the Playoffs based on results of six rounds. Then eight more Champions League teams joined the third one. In all, the playoffs are reached by 32 clubs (1/16 final).

They compete for the opportunity to participate and win the final.

Tournament table and results

Clubs that have won national cups without having reached the Champions League or have occupied a particular position (3-7) on the national championship results participate in cup events.

Once all participants are known, a pick will take place to make the number of groups required. The following rules are subsequently laid down:

Every squad consists of 12 groups of four. Each team plays six games: 3 at home, three away. Clubs in their group taking first and second place are qualifying to the playoff – 1/16 of the finals.

In 1/16 of the Europa League, eight clubs which were thirds in the Champions League Group stage can be played.

The teams play two games in each following stage until the final. The last match is one; it is neutral. It takes place. In the end, the winner decides.

Please note that it is compulsory to complete qualifying rounds before the start of the group phase. They aim to pick people who did not participate directly in the tournament.

Every year in July, the tournament contests begin while the group stage takes place in September. The playoffs last four months — the second half of May is defined by the final game between February and May.

The results of the group stage matches are listed in the Europa League competition table in line with the usual format.

A win earns the club three points, a draw earns one, and a loss earns none. The team’s progress to the next level of the competition is determined by the points obtained.

When does the Champions League 21-22 group stage start?

Matches in the Champions League, 2020-21 group stage start on Tuesday, September 14, and Wednesday, September 15. The group stage will have six game weeks, with the final matches on Tuesday, December 7, and Wednesday, December 8.

Champions Chelsea, who defeated Manchester City in May, will hope to successfully defend their championship with new signing Romelu Lukaku in their ranks.

Pep Guardiola’s City will be trying to go one better this time, with new acquisition Jack Grealish bolstering their campaign, while Manchester United believes this summer signings of Jadon Sancho and Cristiano Ronaldo will boost their chances.

After signing superstar Lionel Messi, Paris Saint-Germain will be looking for their first Champions League trophy.

How the changes taken will impact the new season

There will be several changes in the 51st UEL competition. The UEFA management has chosen to establish the UEFA Europa Conference League, which will serve as the third European Cup. This is a new competition for UEFA teams. It will serve as a platform for the teams’ progression to the UEL and the Champions League. And the opening rally will have an impact on the game’s overall format.

Firstly there will be a reduction in the number of teams in the group phase. It will now be 32 of them, divided into quartets. The winners of the group move into the 1/8 final straightaway. Before 1/8, there’s another round of play-off matches with eight teams in their UEL and eight clubs in the Champions League that finish third.

Where to watch This year’s UEFA cup

The competition will be streamed via the League’s official broadcasting partners. This is one of the leading soccer competitions for the 67th season.

You can stream the Champions League online during this season where all UEFA Champions League matches 2021-22 will be available, so make sure to take advantage of available live streaming at any moment!

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